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Zain celebrates with social media influencers

June 28, 2014 10:16 am

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced today that it successfully celebrated the annual Social Media Day with social media influencers for the third consecutive year at the newly opened ‘Prestige Ballroom’ in the Avenues Mall. The event witnessed the wide attendance of social media influencers, bloggers, media identities, and public figures who were welcomed by Zain’s executive management with the presence of the company’s Chief Executive Officer Omar Al Omar.

In a press statement, Zain mentioned that this year’s celebratory event came under the ‘technology’ theme, where the company shed light on the important role social media plays in influencing people’s lives nowadays. Zain also highlighted the various young influencers and bloggers who have played a big role in today’s Kuwaiti social media engagement. The overall event theme and atmosphere has driven creativity and innovation within the crowd, which resulted in admirable feedback by the bloggers and social media figures who attended.

Commenting on this occasion, Omar Saud Al Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Zain said, “our celebration today correlates with the international Social Media Day, in which everyone participates in honoring the technological and societal advancements that have allowed us to engage, connect and communicate with each other with ease. This celebration provides an excellent opportunity for Zain to further affirm our relationship with social media influencers, who now possess one of this era’s most powerful communications tools”.

Al Omar added “Zain is a company that managed to put its customers at the forefront of its priorities, and with social media, Zain has endorsed its leading position and successfully played a big role, as the first telecom company to launch social media channels in Kuwait.”

The company explained that the event engaged attendees with entertaining performances and programs that included social media related activities. Those activities included the ‘Hashtag’ photography competition, in addition to an activity where attendees shared their personal social media success stories with each other. The company also hosted several professional speakers who highlighted the importance of social media in the medical and health fields, as well as discussing topics related to cyber-attacks and hacking.

It is worth noting that Zain is amongst the first companies in Kuwait to adopt social media tools to better communicate and engage with its customers. Zain has over 200,000 followers and subscribers on various social media channels in Kuwait.