Zain hosts iCamp Program for High School students

March 16, 2014 4:12 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced that it has completed its third consecutive Innovation Camp, “iCamp”, for high school students at the company’s headquarters. Over 160 high school students participated, with Zain training staff supported in running the iCamp by INJAZ Kuwait, a not-for-profit organization that delivers educational programs on entrepreneurial and leadership skills aimed at inspiring and educating future generations of Kuwaitis.

The iCamp program challenged students to find innovative solutions to real business problems using out-of-the-box techniques. Each of the two workshops involved the attendance of a group of students from 10 different public schools in Kuwait, who were required to find the most innovative solution to a business challenge through various exercises using critical thinking and problem solving skills. The workshops, mentored by Zain staff volunteers, gave students an opportunity to engage in multiple exciting activities in efforts to expand their horizons in working within a corporate environment while enhancing their professional abilities, in preparation for their future careers.

During the workshops, Zain volunteers conducted several training courses supplied by INJAZ Kuwait to ensure that students were instructed and guided by professional individuals from the corporate world. The workshops also provided an excellent platform for students to come to understand the nature of working in a private company, and how to problem-solve in order to reach constructive decisions and outcomes.

Zain’s active Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategies primarily focus on the well-being of the entire nation, most notably the youth and educational sectors. For this reason, the company has maintained its support of numerous initiatives that add to the investment in student and educational activities in Kuwait. The company tirelessly strives to provide an enabling environment to improve the outlook of youth in the communities in which it operates, and by partnering with INJAZ Kuwait, Zain is confident in building a prosperous future for the upcoming generations of Kuwaitis.