Zain invites customers to enjoy Eid festivities at 360 Mall

July 27, 2014 10:18 am

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, invites customers and their families to enjoy a memorable experience through a first of its kind performance in Kuwait. The event, entitled “Bubbles and Balloons Festival” comes in celebration of Eid Al Fitr and will take place from the first day of Eid and continues for three days at 360 Mall starting at 5:30 pm.

Just like every year, Zain is keen on offering customers with the best competitive promotions and the most exceptional shows during Eid. The live and interactive performances will take place on stage and in the walkabouts of 360 Mall to entertain the crowds. Mall visitors will enjoy the exciting event from the first day of Eid and for three days through five daily shows.

Zain further explained that the “Bubbles and Balloons Festival” is performed by a unique team of 7 international artists from Europe and Canada, including the Guinness World Record holder for creating the biggest air bubbles. The event will witness a number of activities that includes bubble cubes, fog filled bubbles, giant bubbles, balloon modelers and other exciting live and interactive performances. Additionally, children can engage with the artists through several workshops to learn the secrets behind the art of blowing bubbles and designing balloons.

Waleed Al Khashti, Zain’s Corporate Communications and Relations Manager said: “On behalf of Zain, I would like to greet our valued customers and the Kuwaiti people on the blessed occasion of Eid Al Fitr. At Zain, we are committed to draw smiles on people’s faces by sharing the joys of various occasions through our annual festivities.”

Al Khashti added “we promise our customers and the public with an enjoyable experience through internationally renowned shows like the “Bubbles and Balloons Festival”. Zain is committed to the community as a whole, and our entertaining events resemble our utmost concern to share people’s joys and important occasions.”