Zain KSA continues offering roaming solutions through Zain Passport

August 7, 2014 9:53 am

Zain KSA is offering new roaming solutions in different tourist destinations with (Zain Passport) service, which allows users to enjoy telecommunication services while roaming for a fixed unified rate starting at 75 halalas for voice calls, SMS and Internet data, Gulf in the media reported. The service is offered in a list of constantly updated tourist and educational destinations, providing users with innovative solutions for international roaming services. The destinations include three different regions, the first being the Gulf states, the second region covers several Middle East and north African countries, and the third covers most of the other countries in the world. (Zain Passport) also offers an added value for subscribers to postpaid packages, allowing them to receive calls while roaming at no extra charge added to the primary subscription charge when subscribing to the service.