Zain lead partner of the Knowledge Club 2014

May 20, 2014 12:16 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced today its lead partnership of the ‘Knowledge Club 2014’, a comprehensive series of in-depth seminars and workshops that cover topics relating to overcoming business challenges and excelling in the many fields of business. The event is organized by Vigor Events.

Zain’s lead partnership of the comprehensive event highlights the company’s desire to present the community with valuable resources that increase knowledge and develop skills. Participants will attend seminars and workshops during the course of the year led by worldwide economic, financial, social and cultural thought leaders. The first seminar commenced on 18 May and the following seminars and workshops will continue through until December 2014. Discussions regarding solutions for the most common challenges businesses face today will be had.

The opening seminar was held at the Hilton Hotel and was entitled ‘You Can Create Disney Magic Too’. It was hosted by Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, who highlighted the Ten Common Sense Leadership strategies that made Disney the best service brand in the world and how an organization’s employees can keep up with the ongoing changes and challenges to provide better service to customers. The world renowned speaker also discussed how employees can become outstanding leaders and achieve extraordinary business results.

Zain has reserved specified seats in all seminars and workshops for its employees, giving them an opportunity to attend and gain valuable information from knowledgeable speakers, business leaders, and worldwide authors. This comes as part of Zain’s comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program towards its own employees.

Aside from Mr. Cockerell, this year’s program will also feature Doug Lipp, the former Head of Training at Disney’s Corporate Headquarters; Paul Rigby, a regular keynote speaker at global industry conferences; Shirley Taylor, an expert in business writing and success skills; Robin Sharma, one of the world’s most trusted leadership advisors; Jairek Robbins, a mission-focused individual specializing in developing creative solutions for accelerating results; and Verne Harnish, keynote speaker and CEO of Gazelles Inc.

This integrated program of training sessions will bring together a selection of the most famous authors, trainers, and consultants to provide participants with the opportunity to identify the most important challenges facing institutions and enterprises and also offer a comprehensive climate of analytical exchange of ideas and debates that contribute to the production of realistic solutions to resolve those challenges.

As a leading telecommunications company, Zain acknowledges the importance of providing a platform that brings together international experts from several areas such as economics, finance, marketing, and social fields to offer a range of realistic solutions to the challenges faced by institutions.

The seminars and workshops will cover many topics that highlight the secrets of successful management, talent development, developing leadership skills for executive management, enhancing teamwork skills, innovation secrets, and interpersonal and innovation development.

Zain’s lead partnership with the Knowledge Club 2014 is aimed at supporting the development of human resources, and the company firmly believes that by strengthening its relationship with the society in which it operates in, benefits will accrue to all members of society.

Zain will continue to support similar programs as part of its learning and development strategies for both its staff and the wider community. Zain considers its employees as the company’s most valuable asset and will continue investing in them rigorously.