Zain organizes ‘Ramadan Bazaar’ for employees

June 21, 2014 10:16 am

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced that it successfully organized the first ‘Ramadan Bazaar’ internal exhibition dedicated to employees.

The Bazaar provided Zain employees with an opportunity to complete their preparations for the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan through showcasing Ramadan themed products. The exhibition was held at its main headquarters in Shuwaikh.

Zain explained that it organized the ‘Ramadan Bazaar’ as part of the company’s continuous efforts to further enhance its dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility strategy towards its own human resources.

The Bazaar, which was held once a week and continued for three weeks before the arrival of the Holy Month, provided an excellent gathering point to give employees a chance to purchase Ramadan necessities such as fashionable and traditional clothing, Ramadan themed food products, and more.

The company further stated that the Ramadan Bazaar received great feedback from employees, who found the internal exhibition a valuable opportunity to complete their Ramadan shopping during office hours.

Zain also explained that the internal exhibition played as an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services to employees. The company provided interested small-business owners with a free booth in the Bazaar to further affirm its commitment to support the development of small businesses in Kuwait.