Zain strategic partner of second edition of Arab Mobile App Challenge 2014

August 23, 2014 2:14 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced its strategic partnership of the second edition of the Arab Mobile App Challenge (AMAC); the largest mobile application development competition in the region.

In a press statement, Zain stated that the competition is dedicated in bringing together some of the very talented young entrepreneurs and students to develop innovative mobile applications by captivating on their creative ideas through optimum support and mentoring. The company spared no efforts in supporting those initiatives that expand youth’s horizons to unparalleled levels of creativity, especially in the programming and information technology fields.

Zain’s partnership of AMAC 2014 comes as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability strategies that spring from the company’s core belief that such initiatives help in strengthening its role with the entire society while enhancing means of communication with entities that work towards adding an added value to society.

The company mentioned, “The Arab Mobile App Challenge works closely with entrepreneurs and young students to develop their abilities and ideas in the field of programming and mobile application development. Through the competition, applicants are taken through several stages to reach to their target goal. The initial stage revolves around providing applicants with the essential information they need in order to seize the ideal opportunity in the real work environment. Through this comprehensive program, Zain extends its utmost support to highlight the creativity within Kuwait in particular and the Arab world in general and their value to their communities.”

Zain went on to highlight the rising talent of programming over the past few years, which has risen up drastically within youth. This has led to creating real opportunities for young individuals to enter the world of small to medium businesses and achieving success. The company’s support of this prominent competition sheds the light on its continuous commitment of supporting Kuwaiti talents by equipping the youth with practical skills and tools and an opportunity to fairly compete, and eventually become an integral part of the business world.

Zain pointed out that during the months of September and October, AMAC 2014 participants will commence a journey full of excitement with the start of the Acceleration stage, which will carry out a series of physical and online based events. The events will be conducted in Kuwait, with an important acceleration workshop that will be held at Zain headquarters in Shuwaikh. The workshop aims at equipping participants with the most essential tools and information in order for them to excel in all challenges of the competition and learn how to market their products. The company continued to explain the importance of this stage as it identifies additional learning experiences by covering the principles of management and secrets of business success, and the tools used to establish small businesses.

The training sessions will be followed by two key stages, where the first of these stages will see the participants competing in the regional finals. Selected teams will be flown to the Amman, the Kingdom of Jordan to compete and pitch with other teams from all participating countries. At this point, participants will have to exert maximum energy to showcase their talents in developing the most creative mobile applications. From its side, Zain will be bearing all costs related to this trip for two members of the top two teams qualified to this stage from Kuwait.

Zain revealed that the second and final stage of the challenge will be conducted on a global level where the winners of the regional competition will be sent to attend the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. At this stage, regional finalists will be able to take part in the global challenge, which is considered the largest and most prominent competition in the field of application programming in the world. Reaching to this stage will enable regional finalists to learn from some of the world’s top experts in the communications, information technology, and software fields.

The first edition of the Arab Mobile App Challenge first kicked off in 2013, gathering more than 1000 participants. The competition is organized by a non-profit organization with a sole mission of advancing young Arabs’ programming skills through a series of workshops and seminars on a local and regional level.

It is worth mentioning that Zain is considered one of the first companies to nurture and support young talents, as well as advancing youth’s skills in areas of programming and information technology. This was portrayed through several initiatives that Zain launched last year, one of which was the ‘Zain Hackathon’ challenge which involved designing a fully functional mobile app which uses Direct Operator Billing APIs. The company additionally encouraged youth talent through its renowned ‘Zain Great Idea’ initiative which was in collaboration with IE Business School in Madrid, and Brilliant Lab. In 2012, Zain supported Microsoft’s Imagine Cup and called upon students in Kuwait and from across the Gulf to participate in the competition, which empowered them to use their creative and technical abilities to create mobile applications and make a positive impact on society.