Zain trains Dasman School’s special needs students

April 6, 2014 9:20 am

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced a successful conclusion of the recently conducted training program for students with special needs from Dasman Model Bilingual School. The company hosted the students as part of the academic field training program for students at one of the private sector’s companies.

The training program involved the students’ attendance during Zain working hours for a period of 14 days, where they spent no less than 6 hours per day with the company’s Human Resources department. Through this comprehensive training program, Zain was eager to present special needs students with an overview of how the actual business world works. Throughout the period of 2 weeks, Zain took the students through several informative tours in all divisions, where they have successfully acquired excellent telecommunication and administrative skills after taking on simple responsibilities and tasks.

Moreover, Zain’s Human Resources department roamed the students around all the departments of the company where they received a chance to know more about the nature of each department from the designated employees. The students also received the chance to discuss the nature of work in the telecommunications sector with all employees at various departments.

Nawal Bourisli, Zain’s Human Resources Director, said, “We were very keen to have the special needs students know more about the flow of work and how employees communicate with one another in a massive company like Zain. Communicating is an important skill we enjoy at Zain and through which will highly benefit the students in dealing with one another and with the outer world in the future. We are very pleased of our collaboration with Dasman Model Bilingual School, where we further reinforce our position as a company that provides all the support for students who are about to enter the business life, and additionally strengthen the relationship between the community and the company. Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a firm one, and we are very pleased with the outcome of this training program.”

As a further matter, Zain honored students who have completed the 14 days training program in the presence of their families and company officials, for showing exceptional learning skills throughout the program. Each student received a certificate of appreciation in addition to a souvenir and recognition from employees of the departments they have visited.

It is worth mentioning that Dasman Model Bilingual School aims to become the leading bilingual school in the Middle East region that serves the interests of students with different learning abilities. The school additionally aims to establish a special needs center in Kuwait that serves older students who require a special program.

To find out more about Zain’s ongoing CSR activities, please visit the company’s website on, or visit the company’s official social media channels.

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