Exclusive video: Lower costs, higher quality key pharma challenges

March 8, 2019 1:41 pm

Sanofi recently opened its first major logistics and distribution center in the UAE, making Dubai the prime hub for distribution of medicines to patients and individuals across six countries in the Middle East. Expanding its storage capacity by 68 percent in the country, this large venture will have more than 22 million packs of medicines distributed annually.

AMEinfo spoke exclusively to Jean-Paul Scheuer, Country Chair and General Manager, Sanofi Gulf, who shared his thoughts on the impact of technology, major trends in healthcare and logistics, as well as the challenges facing the industry.


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Anup Oommen
By Anup Oommen
Anup Oommen is a Business Editor at MediaQuest Corp. He has been a journalist for the last eight years and has extensive insight and expertise in international relations, macroeconomics, sports and financial news.