Which UAE city cracked list of top 5 least inexpensive 5* hotel destination?

April 4, 2018 12:06 pm

New research compiled by Skyscanner showed that one of UAE’s cities is ranked fifth globally when it comes to best holiday destination while enjoying a five-star luxury hotel stay.

Sharjah is the surprising choice reported to offer a five-star stay at an average price of $135 per night. The city offers fantastic museums, a gold marketplace called the Blue Souq, named after its blue tiles, and a sea-side development called Sharjah Waterfront City promises to become a gateway for tourism and hospitality.

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Sharm Al-Sheikh, in Egypt, topped the list having affordable 5-star hotel rooms,   at an average of $105 per night. This is despite being an attractive destination and having a vibrant city. The Red Sea offers warm waters and diverse marine life for divers.

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 Hurghada, in Egypt, provides rooms in 5-star accommodations for an average of $122. Taking the second spot on the list, this city was a fishing village, but now it is a destination filled with beach resorts and diving attractions.

Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, renowned for Petronas Towers,  offers rooms that average $130 in 5-star luxury. The city offers entertainment venues such as Batu Caves or the Perdana Botanical Garden, among others.

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Sofia, in Bulgaria, has 5-star accommodations at an average of $132. This city is as European as it gets. From the landing to the hotel it offers terrific coffee shops, Churches and Ottoman mosques, and also Soviet Union monuments.


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