Almana Motors Company launches brand new cutting-edge PEUGEOT showroom

March 16, 2014 2:00 pm

Almana Motors Company, the sole dealer and distributor for PEUGEOT in Qatar for 40 years, heralds a new era of driving with the launch of a brand new PEUGEOT showroom featuring the full range of award-winning, latest global lines – from sporty coupé to family crossover. At the same time, Almana Motors Co has also launched its trailblazing PEUGEOT Express Service Centre with unique customer-focused initiatives such as service-while-you-shop and mobile car servicing at your home or workplace.

The new showroom on C-ring road was formally opened on Wednesday (12th March) and exemplifies the PEUGEOT ethos of “Motion and Emotion”, displaying the latest PEUGEOT models available in Qatar which offer a full range of vehicles, each with 21st century technology, design, safety and environmental features. As the leading French car maker world-wide which has enjoyed significant growth particularly in the GCC – with 2013 sales up by 33% on 2012 and Qatar contributing significantly to this with a 41% increase in market sales in Qatar – PEUGEOT’s latest lines offer exciting new driving options to the Qatar market. The recently-launched 2008 urban crossover – available in Doha in Q3 of 2014 – will be one of the showpieces – bearing all the hallmarks of PEUGEOT vehicles, it combines irreproachable handling and driving pleasure with the latest safety features, strength and versatility of a crossover. It complements its bigger sister, the 3008 crossover.

The new 301 family sedan has met with incredible acclaim since its launch, and was awarded Best Car in its Category in the Middle East Motor Awards at the end of 2013. This new generation of sedan has been specifically tailored to handle the rigours of the Gulf climate, with automatic air conditioning, suspension tuned to deal with challenging road terrain, the latest safety features, low fuel consumption and record leg and boot volume. Other new models destined to be popular on Qatar roads include the RCZ upscale sports coupe and the award-winning 308 – an upmarket hatchback with the most current technology and design, which was recently voted European Car of the Year 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show. Other vehicles in the range include the super mini city car 208, the 408 and 508 family saloons, the Partner – a seven-seater MPV, and the Boxer van.

Underlining a commitment to ensuring excellent customer service at all times, the showroom features a dedicated accessories and spare parts centre as well as a 24/7 hotline to deal promptly with any issues. For total customer convenience, the showroom will be open from 8am-9pm, six days a week.

The new showroom complements the PEUGEOT Express Service Centre, near Landmark Mall, which offers a convenient location for customers to leave their cars and shop in comfort while their vehicle is thoroughly express serviced by a team of expert mechanics. The centre also provides a mobile service facility, which allows customers to make an appointment for an experienced and internationally-trained mechanic to service the car at home or at work.

Bill Hechmi, General Manager of Almana Motors Company, said: “We are delighted to launch this new PEUGEOT Showroom, which will provide our customers with the ultimate driving experience in Qatar.

“As the sole dealer and distributor for PEUGEOT in Qatar for 40 years, our two brands have been synonymous with comfort, reliability and safety and excellent customer care. With the launch of the new, award-winning lines, we bring to Qatar the latest technology, design and style across the sectors. Combined with customer-focused servicing options such as our express service and customer hotline, PEUGEOT will steal a march on its competitors to become one of the most popular brands on the roads in Qatar in the coming years.”