Top 7 creative automotive ads celebrating Arab achievements

November 14, 2017 11:34 am

Global car manufacturers have not been oblivious to forward thinking Arab initiatives and artistic achievements, and have geared some of their adverts towards highlighting them. AMEinfo has selected a few of the more interesting ones that stand out from the crowd.

1- Cadillac: Arabs of New York

Having been in the Middle East for 85 years, Cadillac does a great job of paying homage to its home city, New York, while addressing geopolitical tensions in this ad featuring Arab artists that have now made New York their home.


2-Renault Middle East (KSA)

Celebrating women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia from 2018, Renault released this ad and slightly gimmicky deal to offer its congratulations.

 3- Nissan: Camel Power

Nissan went all out to launch its unit of car performance measurement inspired by the ship of the desert, the camel, called “CamelPower”, A collaboration between Nissan United Middle East and National Geographic, the concept has been in pipeline for close to two years and the brand aims to roll it out globally soon.

4- Mercedes: Grow Up

Launched globally in March 2017, the regional version of the campaign followed in September 2017. Each film challenges the traditional idea of growing up – whether that’s spending time with family, taking some alone time when the responsibilities of a family and work feel too much, or following your passion as an ambitious woman versus giving in to societal constructs of starting a family.

5- Nissan Middle East (KSA)

Nissan once again makes it to this list but with a simple message that ran in print and on Twitter. The tweet received 808 retweets and 865 likes.


 6- Toyota Hybrid: The 7 Emirates challenge

Toyota Middle East teamed up with Emirati singer Ali Jassim – and his daughter – to take on the challenge of driving through all seven emirates in the UAE in a Toyota Prius Hybrid on one full tank of gas.

7- Infiniti Q60: Signature Drive

In order to promote its flagship model, the Q60, Infiniti partnered with international artist Tarek Atrissi as he paints the word that drives him through a test drive.



AMEinfo Staff
By AMEinfo Staff
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