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Ashkhabad to host IKCO cars

February 27, 2014 2:24 pm

Targeting international markets, IKCO is participating in Iran’s exclusive exhibition in Turkmenistan, to be held in the capital city of Ashkhabad.

IKCO is going to showcase Runna, Soren, Samand LX, automatic Tondar 90, Peugeot 405 SLX and commercial vehicles like trucks, truck trailers buses and Tondar 90 pickup in the exhibition.

Due to the great potentialities of markets in CIS countries, it is predicted that IKCO presence at this event would pave the way for the company’s greater presence in Eastern CIS markets.

Regarding the common geographical border and cultural, historical and religious commonalities, Turkmenistan is considered as one of IKCO’s most important target markets and consistent presence in such exhibitions can stabilize the position of the company in this market.

One hundred Iranian companies will showcase their latest products and achievements in transportation, building and construction materials, home appliances, food industry, machinery, health and cosmetic products and mine industry in a 1600m2 area.

Iran’s exclusive exhibition in Turkmenistan will open on Thursday, February 27 at the presence of the two countries’ high-ranking officials. IKCO will demonstrate its products in an 800m2 pavilion, located at the center of the exhibition for three days.

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