‘Creativity Week’ events showcase creative abilities of employees: RTA

November 17, 2013 9:41 am

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) stated that the events of the Creativity Week held under the theme ‘Make a Habit Not to Have a Habit’ during the period from 10 to 13 November acted as a platform for showcasing the abilities of male and female employees in applying their creative skills to thrash out solutions benefiting RTA’s business process.

Ms. Laila Mohammed Faridoon, Director of the Office of the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA cum Head of Creativity Team, said: “The RTA is very keen on nurturing creativity and innovation amongst its employees as it is confident that these two elements are crucial for leveraging the business process. The Creativity Week has therefore been contemplated to add to the richly endowed RTA innovators through motivating them to come up with creative ideas that assist in uplifting RTA strategies, and developing appropriate means for coping with the massive challenges ahead.”

She continued: “Recently the RTA has set up a section to cater to enhancing the creativity and innovation drive in the RTA, disseminate the awareness of leadership, administrative and technical practices necessary for figuring out innovative solutions within RTA business domain. It will also attend to revamping & updating a central database for all studies and deliverables of research, development and creative activities and availing them to RTA agencies & sectors, undertaking projects dedicated to the implementation of innovative solutions, and managing activities & initiatives of relevance to foster innovation and creativity.

“The Creativity Week comprises a collection of fine events inspired by creative & innovative themes that drive employees to think further in improving the business environment and prompt them to adopt innovative methods & enhanced solutions aligned with RTA’s vision of providing safe & smooth transport for all. The RTA has therefore opted during the Week to rejuvenate a diverse cast of activities to realize the intended objectives such as setting up an Innovation Corner to showcase RTA’s innovation strategy, and promoting the Innovation Club; which is viewed as a permanent rendezvous for innovative-minded employees, strategic partners and permanent customers of the RTA with a view to sharing expertise and rolling out pioneering concepts capable of propping up the development drive.

“The Creativity Show encompassed landmark innovative projects of the RTA and staged the so-called Design Your Idea contest which attracted participation of about 16 employees from various RTA agencies and sectors. It also included two training workshops for learning the basics of proper using of the Lego cubes in sorting out creative solutions uplifting the transport services, particularly as this method is considered one of the latest techniques of boosting creativity amongst employees,” she elaborated.

The Head of RTA Creativity Team touched about their keenness to host the Emirati Ahmed Majan (nicknamed as The UAE Edison) during the Week where he told employees about his innovations and inventions the number of which exceeded one thousand spanning a variety of fields along with a host of technological & engineering solutions he developed to overcome a myriad of problems encountered by some factories, businesses and other entities. He says that creativity is not restricted to an inventor; rather the concept of innovator includes any person who has the will to succeed in his or her work. However, he adds that invention or innovation requires three main elements namely: the will, material and time. He maintains that community bears the full responsibility for nurturing the basics of creativity in the youngsters from their childhood through availing them a diverse innovative places and clubs to foster and fuel their inclination to positive thinking, and open new horizons of science and the determination to achieve.

The Week also included the Creativity Cinema where the film named ‘One Last Thing’ of Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple company, was presented highlighting parts of his personality along with the will and personal determination that had elevated him to this pioneering status in the world of creativity. The events of the Creativity Race launched last October in collaboration with Microsoft Company were complemented with the participation of employees contributing ideas about how to utilize smart phones and tablets in managing daily jobs through specific apps. The contest has therefore offered an opportunity for showcasing five proposed ideas and the winner will have the chance to have training in the company and take part in the work team responsible for the implementation.

The training workshop entitled ‘Challenge Your Brain’ was warmly received by employees as it shed light on the creative thinking abilities and explored the gist & real motives of the concept and attitudes characterizing the innovator. It also briefed the participants on the role of the positive thinking in improving the level personal creativity along with the key obstacles confronting the person and how to overcome them.