Dubai Customs is set to receive 16,000 Chinese tourists

April 10, 2014 12:42 pm

Dubai Customs has announced the formation of a special working team to provide all Customs facilitations to a contingent of more than 16,000 Chinese visitors from Nu Skin company. These lucky employees are expected to arrive in batches to Dubai as a reward from the company for the unparalleled results they have achieved.

DC has amplified the number of inspectors and staff serving travellers at the handheld inspection posts following passport control process. The team will be available to provide necessary assistance to help smoothen and speed up passengers clearance via airport terminals, with a special care for the elderly, children and people with special needs.

Such obvious keenness on providing adapted services to facilitate entry procedures for the Chinese visitors is in line with Dubai Government’s strategies aimed at boosting the emirate’s standing as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. This is the biggest group of tourists Dubai has ever hosted, after competing against Macau, Singapore and Seoul, which is just another stressing factor on Dubai’s internationally praised reputation.

Mr Ali Al Maqhawi, Director of Airport Operations at DC said, “Dubai Customs is in full preparedness to receive the Chinese delegation, ensuring the optimal facilitation at their arrival and granting them a comforting welcome to the UAE.” He added that DC has set up special teams to greet and meet the tourists with broad smiles, and facilitate any applicable entry procedures in a way that outstrips their expectations.

Al Maqhawi also highlighted that all inspectors, staff and the support team joining in this effort are merely practicing their day to day hospitality notion. “The same level of welcome and friendliness is offered to all comers to the country, giving them a warm feeling that they have landed in their own home. This generous way of welcoming is an integral part of the UAE’s living culture and deep-rooted identity.”

He also stated that DC has increased the number of entry Gates at terminals 1 and 3, to assure smooth and swift clearance of passengers and their baggage, noting that many members of the Chinese delegation who arrived two days ago expressed sheer relief and gratitude for the easiness of procedures they undergone and the kind welcoming they had. These visitors also expressed immense admiration for Dubai’s architectural and social development.

Al Maqhawi commented that the company’s designation of Dubai as a chosen tourist destination to reward its employees with a perfect vacation was the right call by all means. This would promote mutual relations between both countries and leverage Dubai’s global status as a peerless tourist destination.

All stakeholders at Dubai Customs are working hand in hand around the clock to ensure that topmost facilitations and services are delivered to give the Chinese visitors a memorable tourist experience, which reflects Dubai’s preeminent and unmatchable tourist capacities worldwide.