Emarat participates in traffic awareness campaign for road travelers

June 15, 2014 2:42 pm

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation ‘Emarat’ is collaborating with Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) in order to promote safe driving for motorist on long routes, with emphasis on customer who travel from Dubai to Saudi Arabia.

The campaign aims to provide the travelers with a booklet titled ‘The Road Travelers Guide’ which includes a map that will provide motorists with information on the route, the distance and tips on safe driving. In order to target out bound traffic the Emarat Al Hassa service station located on Dubai-Abu Dhabi road highway has been selected.

Mr. Hussain Kazim, Manager Corporate Communications at Emarat, welcomed the Corporation’s participation in this campaign and stressed on Emarat’s commitment in supporting the various activities, programs and events that are customer focused and are considered very important by the Corporation.

Mr. Kazim said, “The Corporation focuses on traffic awareness campaigns as they are instrumental in educating the motorist on safety of not just the driver but also for the passengers travelling in the vehicle.” Mr. Kazim added, “Working hand in hand with the RTA to drive awareness of such initiatives helps us educate people on the importance of safe driving. As more and more people become aware of their action on the roads, the safer the journey becomes for them and other fellow motorists.”

Starting from June 12 until the 15th of August 2014, RTA will be handing out travel guides and road maps to travelers every week on Thursday and Friday for a period of 3 hours from Emarat Al Hassa Service Station.