GB Ghabbour Auto empowers Egyptian Mothers Program

April 1, 2014 2:40 pm

Egypt is the main catalyst that accelerated GB Ghabbour Auto’s success velocity, and that is why the company is always striving to grant it a better tomorrow.

“I’m calling the society to direct its attention to supporting unprivileged Egyptian mothers morally and financially, because they are Egypt’s true wealth and without them, we would not have possessed a history that we are proud of, and without them, we will not reach the future we dream of” Dr.Raouf Ghabbour – Chairman of GB Ghabbour Auto said.

We also believe that the main pathway to achieving a better future is development. The development journey cannot commence without the development of humankind. We cannot develop a nation, without developing its origin, which is Egyptian Mothers.

GB Ghabbour Auto believes that improving mothers have a significant impact on the welfare of Egypt, and that women are one of the world’s greatest untapped resources and investing in them is one of the most powerful forces for our countries’ development. Driven by this belief, GB Auto strived to be among the first contributors in the powerful mothers’ program provided and initiated by Misr El-Kheir Foundation.

Misr El Kheir Foundation prides itself for being Egypt’s pioneer in developing humankind. That is why GB Ghabbour Auto was very keen to sign a protocol with it. This protocol entails donating 400,000 EGP to release and develop Egyptian mothers in debt “Gharemat”.

GB Ghabbour Auto is also seizing this opportunity to raise the society’s awareness of the vitality of supporting unprivileged Egyptian mothers, and to highlight that supporting them is not an initiative to be taken but a national duty that we all must commit to. All Egyptians are accountable for this tough chapter of these mothers’ lives. We are all responsible to act a shield that protects them from falling in the clutches of anybody who can abuse their vulnerability.

GB Ghabbour Auto is also expressing its gratitude and appreciation to the immense efforts exerted by Misr Al Kheir Foundation to develop the community.