GCAA holds Air accident training exercise with international partners at Fujairah Airport

April 19, 2014 1:06 pm

The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) held this week a successful Air Accident Training Exercise at Fujairah International Airport, planned, coordinated and managed by the GCAA’s Air Accident Investigation team.

The accident exercise was a full scale two-day exercise that was practiced within the ICAO international framework governing air accident investigation processes. This involved all effected GCAA Strategy & International Affairs Sector and Corporate Communication section as well as the security sector. Safety teams from Etihad Airways, Airbus and the French BEA were all involved in the operation.

From Etihad Airways, the Flight Safety Deparment, led by Captain Adrian Aliyuddin, dispatched a GO team that exercised all of its internal functions and supported the investigation exercise. A team of Airbus accident investigation specialists, headed by Director for Flight Safety, Xavier Barriola, flew to the UAE from Toulouse, France to work closely on the project with GCAA. In addition, the French investigations agency, the BEA, led by Investigator Vincent Ecalle, were also involved in the exercise sessions.

All international partners worked closely with GCAA to ensure the highest standards of safety and security were practiced during the exercise.

H.E Saif Al Suwaidi commented: “The air accident training is an excellent and necessary exercise to further enhance the readiness of the UAE aviation operators in dealing with the occurrence of air travel incidents, if any.”

Khalid Al Rais, Chief Investigator, GCAA, also said: “This week’s air accident exercise allows all partners involved to refine the accident process and practice the necessary procedures. It’s important that we continue strengthening and increasing the interaction between GCAA, operators, aircraft manufacturers and authorities responsible for safety investigations into accidents.

“In the UAE, GCAA is constantly working with airports to ensure the highest levels of cooperation for airport exercises, continuously testing the fire service, ambulance and first aid, as well as security aspects to maintain the proper functioning of airports emergency plans,” added Al Rais.

GCAA is planning further training and practice exercises with international partners to test and develop the procedures. The next exercise is scheduled to happen in November with Emirates.