Carlos Ghosn willing to wear ankle tag to secure bail

January 21, 2019 5:41 pm

Carlos Ghosn has offered to wear an electronic ankle tag, give up his passports, and even hire guards approved by prosecutors to keep tabs on him at all times, in an effort to secure bail.

This desperate plea comes in response to the court rejecting his bail request last week, believing him to be a flight risk. Given the chance, they believe he could tamper with crucial evidence, which would weaken their case against him.

Stemming from this same concern, Ghosn has not been allowed to see any of his family members, limited only to be visited by embassy officials, lawyers and prosecutors.

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Ghosn has been in custody since November 21st, following accusations that claim he understated his income in the years 2010-2018. A new charge surfaced later on accusing him of paying a Saudi businessman using Nissan funds following the 2008 recession, to cover personal losses. Ghosn denies all accusations.

“As the Court considers my bail application, I want to emphasize that I will reside in Japan and respect any and all bail conditions the Court concludes are warranted,” Ghosn wrote in a statement released shortly before his latest bail hearing in Tokyo on Monday.

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“I will attend my trial not only because I am legally obligated to do so, but because I am eager to finally have the opportunity to defend myself,” he continued. “I am not guilty of the charges against me and I look forward to defending my reputation in the courtroom; nothing is more important to me or to my family.”

Given the rejection of his bail request last week, his head lawyer Motonari Otsuru said he could be looking at a further 6 months in detention, as the case against him is made ready for trial.

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Mark Anthony Karam
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