Gulf Air launches new iPad Electronic Flight Bags across its fleet

August 5, 2014 9:12 am

Gulf Air launched its new generation iPad Electronic Flight Bags, which will facilitate the airline’s flight-critical communications while increasing operational efficiency and eliminating paper-based flight materials, Bahrain News Agency has reported. As electronic information management devices, Electronic Flight Bags help airline crew perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently, improving operational performance, while minimizing paperwork, reducing printing costs, cutting on board weight and giving faster access to data. All Gulf Air pilots are currently undergoing extensive training on the iPad Electronic Flight Bags which will be rolled out across the national carrier’s entire fleet by early August. Electronic Flight Bags offer advanced information management and deliver more accurate performance calculations, creating significant time and cost savings while increasing safety and streamlining the management of flight information. Gulf Air will move from a paper-based flight manual to an electronic process with Electronic Flight Bags rolled out across the airline’s fleet by early August 2014.