Honda drivers celebrate this Ramadan with special promotion

June 23, 2014 3:46 pm

Omasco, Hondas exclusive authorized distributor in the Sultanate, have launched a very special ‘Big Picture Offer’ to celebrate the Holy Season of Ramadan capturing the imaginations of drivers across Oman.

The promotion, which runs from June 17th to August 16th, covers 2013 and 2014 Honda models and includes free registrations, free insurance, cash back offers, high end Panasonic Television, scratch and win vouchers and much more and is available in all Honda showrooms across Oman.

With Ramadan being the month of giving, customers can enjoy a host of treats from the country’s most benevolent vehicle provider. Customers who fancy a 2013 model of Honda car receive free registration which makes it an even sweeter deal. On purchase they also receive an exciting voucher which allows them to scratch and win. 10 lucky winners will then be able to choose a cash back offer of RO1000 or a Honda CBR250. Omasco have included ten Panasonic 55 inch 3D HD LED TVs and five 60inch 3D HD LED TVs in their basket of Ramadan goodies for lucky customers to win.

For those drivers who are treating themselves to a 2014 model of Honda, there are even more surprises. Again, Honda provides free registration for 5 years / 150 000 KMs Mileage warranty (which ever comes earlier) In addition to this they are offering free insurance and an assured OMASCO gift voucher worth RO60 for all 2014 models. The gift vouchers can be redeemed for any services or products provided by Honda which includes Panasonic and Black and Decker products among others. The scratch and win vouchers are also available on the purchase of 2014 models where 10 customers can choose to enjoy cash back of RO1000 or else a Honda CBR250. Ten Panasonic 55 inch 3D HD LED TVs and five 60inch 3D HD LED TVs are also up for grabs.

Omasco is very pleased to be able to offer this promotion to its loyal customers and much effort was put into designing. Commenting upon the offer Omasco spokesperson said, “During the Holy Season of Ramadan it is wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate with our customers. We have worked hard to ensure that all of our 2013 models as well as our latest models are included in this “Big Picture Offer’ and look forward to seeing our customers driving in style and comfort. We have vehicles to fulfill every need from, our comfortable sedan to our adventure seeking SUVs. We are delighted to be able to help our customers drive away in their favorite Honda vehicle this Ramadan.”

This Ramadan, drivers are encouraged to put safety and comfort first with Honda’s enticing promotion. The brand is always ahead in providing special offers for its customers and its selection of vehicles meet every need. Drivers seeking quality, utility, comfort and fuel efficiency need look no further than Honda. The Honda boast is that every car in its suite is designed with the driver in mind. Most of its models have Its Eco Assist, a very important feature which enables the driver and car to work as a team to improve fuel efficiency. Omasco is also reminding drivers this Ramadan of its Smartphone Mobile App and hopes that drivers will continue to embrace it this Ramadan and enjoy the numerous benefits it brings. Users are booking service appointments, browsing the latest offers on Honda cars and gaining real-time information on the Honda vehicle range including in-depth specification details, all at the click of a button.

Over Ramadan, with more people making journeys to see family and friends , Omasco wants to be right beside them, giving drivers every support for safe and happy journeys. It has recently extended the opening hours for its key Honda showrooms across Oman in order to better accommodate its hardworking customers and enable them to visit the showrooms at a time that is convenient for them. During Ramadan the extended hours provide additional flexibility. All customers, past, present and future are welcome to the Honda showroooms to join in the celebrations.

With Honda’s ‘Big Picture’ promotion this Ramadan, the company demonstrates its commitment to its customers and to the automobile industry in the Sultanate. The Ramadan treat is in line with Omasco’s belief that giving brings joy during the holy season. It will continue to invest in its business and activities to ensure that Honda customers enjoy the best services available.