iPilot & MAF Leisure and Entertainment bring Airbus A380 Simulator to Mirdif City Centre

June 11, 2014 9:29 am

Mirdif City Centre will be the second mall in Dubai where iPilot will operate a fully equipped Flight Simulator for public use. On June 20th, the brand new Airbus A380 simulator opens and will enable customers to fulfil their dreams by experiencing the thrill of flying the world’s largest passenger jet.

iPilot already operates a Boeing 737 Simulator at its Dubai Mall location, and prices for the eagerly awaited Airbus A380 are set to be in line with the Boeing 737. A 1 hour flight with a trained pilot instructor will cost only 999 AED.

iPilot was founded in 2009 by German entrepreneur and amateur pilot Wolfram Schleuter who was a keen private pilot looking for a way to blend his passion for flying and many years of business experience. Since then, iPilot has grown to 9 locations in 5 countries with more locations planned. In November 2012, iPilot opened a flagship location in the Dubai Mall. After a few months the huge potential of the U.A.E. market was realised and there is little doubt that expansion through the Middle East will continue in the future.

Since iPilot’s opening in the Dubai Mall, the company has been waiting patiently for an opportunity to open within Mirdif. iPilot considers Mirdif to be one of the top malls in the city, and the perfect location to allow customers to experience the Airbus A380. What makes this venture particularly exciting is the innovation in technology that is allowing iPilot to bring the A380 to Mirdif. Whilst traditional Boeing and Airbus simulators are established, the Airbus A380 is so new that iPilot, along with their partners, literally had to invent the technology.

iPilot is not only a great experience, but a wonderful gift too. No previous flight experience is required. The flight simulator experience’s appeal to a wide range of people, from aviation fans to those who are looking for something new. A well trained pilot instructor accompanies all customers into the cockpit where they explain all the details needed before take-off.

Customers can choose to fly to or from any of over 24,000 airports worldwide with no need to leave Mirdif mall. Customers can fly over their homes, land at the most difficult airports in the world, or just enjoy a flight above clouds.

iPilot customers always get an amazing experience, excellent customer service, outstanding value for money and of course a highly professional team looking after them.