Iraq’s increasing demand for IKCO cars

May 12, 2014 12:12 pm

“Iraqi people’s increasing demand for purchasing cars from companies like IKCO has brought up a golden opportunity for developing car business in this promising market,” said Zamzam Spring Company’s production manager, Ahmad Shirazi.

According to Shirazi IKCO is quite aware of this market’s capacity and during the past years the company have assembled cars in ZSCo with the production capacity of 10 cars per hour and this trend is improving.

He continued, “The quality of IKCO cars and the widespread network of sales and after-sales service in the different provinces of Iraq have resulted in great popularity of these cars.”

“Geographical proximity of Iran and Iraq is considered as a noticeable advantage for IKCO as is the low cost of shipping and transport and the provision of spare parts in Iraqi market in the shortest possible time,” declared ZSCo CEO.

For his part, described the sales manager of ZSCo’s central dealership Bashar Sharif that Iraqi market was a strategic one for IKCO and added that the company was trying to acquire an appropriate share of Iraqi market by applying new methods of marketing and sale and after-sales services and boosting the quality level of the car.

He also pointed to IKCO’s rivals such as Chinese and Korean carmakers that had waited for an opportunity to strengthen their positions in Iraqi market, emphasizing that IKCO could maintain and improve its position by offering newly designed cars.

“I believe IKCO cars outpace their Chinese rivals in Iraqi market considering quality and durability, while this company has established sale and after-sales services around the country, something that other carmakers haven’t done much about,” Sharif added.

ZSCo, the company in which IKCO cars are assembled is located in the industrial city of Alexandria, 50 kilometers south-west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The 240 thousand square meter area houses 18 thousand square meter production shops with the capacity of 120 thousand cars annually.