Ivory Coast welcomes IKCO products

May 14, 2014 4:49 pm

Accompanied by a delegation, Anvar Safavi, the general manger of Ivory Coast New Sight company paid a visit to IKCO.

During the visit, Safavi said that the quality, variety, and the number of IKCO products as well as its professional staff would cause the company to face receptive target markets.

He also admired the company’s capabilities and said, “We toured IKCO’s press, body and assembling shops and decided to discuss the ways of any possible future cooperation with this industrial group.

He then stated that IKCO products, particularly Samand and Runna enjoy good quality and design and we hope to see these cars on Ivory Coast’s roads and streets in near future.

“Our precise studies indicate that Iran has made remarkable progress, especially in automotive industry and we could benefit from the experiences of the biggest car maker of Iran and the Middle East”, he continued.

Comparing IKCO products with well-known carmakers’, Safavi pointed out that everyone can feel the innovation and technology in IKCO products and it is the winning trump of these cars.

According to Safavi, Ivory Coast’s market is really competitive into which in addition to American, European and Asian brand cars, second hand cars are also imported.

Anvar Safavi finally expressed hope that as a business partner, his company would be able to introduce and present IKCO cars in the west of Africa and Especially in Ivory Coast.


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