Local car dealers may bear costs of manufacturing errors

August 21, 2014 1:40 am

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that it may force the local representatives of global car manufacturing companies to bear to the financial costs of manufacturing errors, especially errors that result in injury or death, Arab News reported. Compensation for disability, especially for the loss of a vital organ, is also included, according to a ministry source. Agents will bear the cost of transporting faulty vehicles and providing replacement cars during lengthy repairs. Several mechanisms will determine whether accidents are caused by technical faults, he said. “While death is inevitable, consumers should not be held accountable for an error that could have been avoided had these companies done their jobs properly,” he said. The majority of car accidents are caused by human and not technical error, according to one report. Such a decision could put enormous pressure on the ministry, which may be seen as an advocate for consumer rights.