Mannai Auto offers trade in option for Cadillac and GMC in partnership with First Finance

February 17, 2014 1:08 pm

Mannai Auto Group has established a partnership with First Finance to offer trade-in options to customers seeking to upgrade their current vehicles to the latest available GMC and Cadillac models.

The offer from First Finance includes zero down payment and a 3-month grace period before the first installment is to be paid. In addition, Qatari customers will receive free ownership of the vehicle.

Ms. Dina Wasfy, Marketing Manager, Mannai Auto Group, said: “This is the only promotion of its kind in Qatar right now that allows customers to walk in with an older vehicle of any make or brand and receive cash at a fair market value against their new GMC or Cadillac purchase.

“This partnership with First Finance gives our customers additional options as they seek to upgrade to the latest models available in Qatar. The current Cadillac and GMC range features the most beautifully designed and technologically advanced vehicles ever created by these brands which have a strong history in Qatar. Through Mannai Auto, customers can also expect to receive the highest service quality all year round,” said Ms. Wasfy.

The campaign ends on 22nd Feb, 2014 and accepts customer trade-ins at all Cadillac and GMC showrooms in Qatar.