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Mutawa Alkazi becomes GAC Motor’s first international distributor worldwide

May 13, 2014 11:36 am

Today marks the official introduction of the GAC Motor brand in Kuwait by Mutawa Alkazi Co., whereby an exclusive distributorship agreement has been signed between the two companies. As a key player in the automobile business for nearly 55 years with consecutive awards for Consumer Satisfaction, Sales Satisfaction, and Excellence in car servicing among others under their belt, Mutawa Alkazi has taken the first step of introducing GAC Motor to the market.

Marking the beginning of GAC Group
Established in 1997 and based in Guangzhou, China, GAC Group –parent company of GAC Motor, sets itself apart from most other Chinese manufactures in that it enjoys strong partnerships, joint ventures with, and manufactures cars for Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Fiat, and trucks for Hino. Capitalizing on the years of experience in the mass production of carsfor other brands, GAC Group finally launched its own technologically-advanced brand, GAC Motor, in 2007.

In order to ensure production of a premium quality vehicle, GAC Group not only uses the experience gained from working with other car manufacturers, but also sources various components of its cars from international suppliers such as the electronic stability program and engine management systems from Bosch (Germany), front brakes from Continental (Germany), front and rear bumpers from Visteon (USA), 5-speed Automatic transmission from Aisin (Japan), air conditioning from Denso (Japan), seatbelts, airbags, rear brakes, and hydraulic power systems from TRW (USA).

A Resilient Strategy
GAC Motor’s strategy is to adopt advanced European chassis platforms as the basis to build high-performance cars that suit international markets. Their strategy proved successful and the manufacturer was able to lead the market with a 158% increase in sales in 2013. What’s more GAC Motor surpassed the 2014 first quarter sales target with figures representing an overall year-on-year increase of 51%.

Unique features that define exclusive Chinese craftsmanship
Among the models currently on offer is the elegant GS5, an urban SUV starting at KD 5,199. This vehicle features an i-4WD system for wheel torque distribution, automatic and tiptronic transmission, intelligent control unit with navigation, European SUV chassis with independent suspension, keyless entry and engine start button, an ultra large capacity trunk (480L, and 1350L when the rear seats are folded down), and the car features advanced lighting technology whereby its front and rear lights are made up of 100 LED lights.

Another model currently available from GAC Motor is the GA5 which starts at KD 4,799, a mid-sized sedan featuring either a 1.8T or 2.0 DCVVT engine, hydraulic power steering, multi-link independent rear suspension, 5AT transmission, leather seats, sunroof, reverse rearview system, GPS navigation system, dual lens HID head lamps, and an aerodynamic form designed for a smooth and quiet ride.

The third model offered by GAC Motor in Kuwait is the GA3 which starts at KD 3,699. Its chassis was jointly developed with Porsche Engineering and utilizes a similar McPherson five-link rear suspension design. It is noteworthy to mention that the GA3 has been derived from the concept car featured in the upcoming movie – Transformers 4. The vehicle is equipped with a high performance fuel-efficient 1.6 DCVVT engine, and Japanese Aisin automatic transmission, six airbags, and six-in-one active safety systems including ABS, EBD, TCS, HBA, ESP, and HHC. Furthermore, this vehicle is equipped with a T-BOX: a smart system that connects your smart phone to your vehicle and allows the driver control over various settings of the car such as locking & unlocking the doors, engine start, and air-condition settings.

Safety and Security
As safety is an utmost priority for GAC Motor, the manufacturer has reinforced 95% of the passenger compartment with high strength steel. Other safety features included in the vehicle are AFS intelligent headlights for safer night-time driving, break override system (whereby if both the acceleration and brake pedals are applied, the brake takes precedence – bringing the car to a full stop), and carefully distributed airbags (front airbags, side airbags for front seats and curtain airbags). Furthermore, GAC Motor is the only Chinese car manufacturer to have as standard on all of their vehicles Bosch’s Electronic Stability Program where the vehicle detects loss of control and helps the driver stabilize the vehicle.

Driving Excellence
Following soon this year, customers can expect the three new models to join the current lineup by GAC Motor to. The first is the GA3S, which comes equipped with a 1.3T engine and the latest 7-speed dual clutch transmission which represents a newest R&D achievement from the GAC Group. The second is the GA6, a forward-looking mid-size luxury sedan that embodies the trend of futuristic design and the philosophy of GAC Motor’s products. The third is the GS3 which is an SUV similar to the GS5 but smaller in size.

On the occasion of the introduction, Mr. Omar Alkazi, Managing Director of Mutawa Alkazi commented, “This is a momentous occasion for the company as we introduce to the local market a product which will quickly prove its reliability, leading us to soon witness the rise in popularity of GAC Motor Vehicle on the roads of Kuwait. We pride in our extensive experience as a homegrown unit with strategic insight into our customer’spreferences, where in with the provision of these new models, we are able to offer the perfect match between price, comfort, design, and reliability. I personally invite everybody to visit our showrooms to experience these new cars.”

Adding to the partnership, Mr. Wu Song. Director and General Manager of GAC Motor, said, “Having built a world brand that is now breaking new heights in the automotive industry worldwide has been a unique experience. We are proud to share in this success with Mutawa AlKazi – a company that enjoys a strong foundation in an actively growing sector and practices a similar approach to achieving good results. We look forward to many more exciting ventures in the near future”.

GAC Motor’s primary locations are at the newly refurbished Mutawa Alkazi Showroom in Al Rai, Fourth Ring Road, and at the Tilal Showroom on Jahra Road. GAC Motor vehicles will be serviced at the Mutawa Alkazi Service Centre in Shuwaikh along with an offer of 11 years (or half a million kms) warranty, 3 years (or 45,000 kms) free servicing and a guaranteed buy back certificate to ensure the resale value of the car in the future.