Oman Road Safety Association in partnership with Oman Medical Speciality Board holds a road safety lecture in Jamila bint Thabit Government School

March 11, 2014 1:34 pm

Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA), the first and only registered non-governmental road safety organisation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development, recently participated in an awareness activity on road safety – organised by Directorate of Medical Services in Wilayat Seeb and doctors of Oman Medical Speciality Board – talking about seat belts, child restraints and speed management, in Jamila bint Thabit Government School targeting more than 300 students, their parents and school faculty.

The event included many activities such as lecture on different concepts of traffic safety, colouring and drawing activities, sharing results a study done on mothers and teachers targeted 100 people on how many implementing the best practices of road safety specially the usage of seatbelts and child restraints. The event coincided with the celebration of the Gulf Traffic Week where the Oman Road Safety Association in cooperation and coordination with government bodies and private companies are holding series of events in order to increase traffic awareness among the citizens and residents in Oman. Many students of schools and colleges as well as general public benefit from these lectures, discussions, distribution of brochures and publications.

During her lecture on road safety awareness, Shaima Murtadha Al Lawati, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Road Safety Association stated the objectives of the association and its diverse range of activities. She also emphasised on the role of the community in leveraging and activating partnerships between the association and general public to further educate individuals on traffic etiquette and practices. Al Lawati then spoke about importance of seatbelts and tried to use different means of discussions, short films and others, to convey the messages.

This event represents one of Oman Road Safety Association’s (ORSA) strategies to partner with fellow organisations to advocate for traffic safety and communicate the importance of awareness campaigns.

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