OSRA launches traffic awareness programme for using school buses in Salalah in collaboration with Salalah Methanol Co.

February 27, 2014 9:02 am

Oman Road Safety Association in collaboration with Salalah Methanol Co. launched a traffic awareness programme for using school buses targeting more than 3,000 students from different schools in the governorate of Dhofar as part of their participation in the Traffic Exhibition organised by the Sultan Qaboos School in Salalah from 18 to 20 February 2014.

The programme aimed to raise general awareness of road safety for using school buses for students, school bus drivers, faculty and the surrounding community as it is realized that more than one aspect has to be taken into consideration to achieve this goal.

Shaima bint Murtadha Al Lawati, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Road Safety Association, commented saying: “The activities included some parts of the Traffic Educational Village – the dummy school bus and dummy car, distributing flyers, educational videos and awareness talks on best road safety practices while using school buses and responsibilities of school children, bus drivers, school faculty, parents and surrounding community. The dummy school bus was used to reinforce the message to students where it contained the largest amount of practices for each child. It helps to acquire correct habits and prepare them to become ambassadors of road safety at home and society. I would like to thank Salalah Methanol Co. for its ongoing support to the association that enables us to spread our reach to different wilayats in Dhofar.”

On this occasion, Awadh bin Hassan Al Shanfari, Chief Executive Officer of Salalah Methanol Co. commented, “We at Salalah Methanol Co., believe in the importance of the exhibition as a window to spread traffic safety awareness with the effective approaches and means to drivers and different road users to follow the best practices aiming at reducing traffic accidents. Salalah Methanol Co. has sponsored Oman Road Safety Association to be present in the exhibition and to carry out the required awareness. This collaboration between us reflects our commitment to road safety specifically and social responsibility generally. We are currently working closely with the Directorate General of Education in the governorate of Dhofar to develop a proposal for educating students and drivers school buses on traffic safety.”

Oman Road Safety Association is a nongovernmental organisation registered under the Ministry of Social Development announced on 15 March 2010 under ministerial degree 31/ 2010. The key activities of the Association include advocacy and awareness, training, capacity building and supporting research in the field of road safety. It also includes carrying out sustainable projects in the field of road safety in partnership with government, non governmental and private sector organisations.

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