‘Read More’ initiative highlights importance of reading at Princess Haya bint Al Hussein School

December 14, 2013 9:12 am

As part of RTA’s strategic plan targeting different age brackets from 7 to 14, the RTA’s delegation has continued its visits to schools during the first semester, in order to acquaint students with the “Read More” initiative, which aims to motivate them to read & learn, develop thinking and disseminate culture amongst school students.

In this context, the RTA’s delegation paid a visit to Princess Haya bint Al Hussein Girls’ School for Primary & Secondary Education in Dubai.

At the start of the meeting, Dr. Yousef Al Ali, Executive Director of the RTA’s Public Transport Agency, welcomed the school’s work team, who were keen to cooperate with the RTA in order to realize the objectives of the “Read More” initiative, one of the key community initiatives that aims to promote reading habits among students and urge them to acquire useful stories.

“Reading and general knowledge are the core pillars of success and academic excellence, which will later lead readers to embark on the practical life in a strong and innovate manner,” stated Dr. Yousef.

“Elevation of nations can only be achieved through reading and thought in order to rise up to all challenges, given that this initiative start educating children early during talents grooming & cultural aptitudes molding phases, which contribute to nurturing an educated & knowledgeable generation capable of inducing change in the community,” added Al Ali.

Dr. Yousef pointed out that since the implementation and launch of the mass transit lines, including public buses and the metro, the RTA had been keen on creating calm and comfortable atmosphere that encourage riders to read stories and books that contain a variety of topics capable of elevating minds and thoughts so that riders utilize their mobility time in a beneficial and useful manner.

Addressing nearly 60 female students, Dr. Yousef presented an overview about the competition which stipulated for writing a full-fledged short story, finalizing it by the end of November before collecting the entries from schools that have been visited during the first semester, after which the top 3 submissions will be announced and rewarded by the RTA.

For her part, the principal of Princess Haya bint Al Hussein School for Primary and Secondary Education in Dubai, lauded the initiative, which she said contributed to opening channels of communication between the school and the RTA in order to realize the sole objective of inculcating the importance of reading among school students.

“Continuous reading would help to promote thinking, especially among young people, as they would acquire knowledge that enhances communication with other cultures,” she concluded.