RTA becomes world’s first public entity to obtain ISO 55001 certification for ‘NAMAA’ Asset Management System

April 10, 2014 12:50 pm

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has obtained the certification of the ISO 55001 standard; which was issued on 15 January 2014, for its NAMA Asset Management System, thus has become the first government entity worldwide to obtain this international certification, following an audit conducted by the international auditing company SGS through its office in Britain. The achievement reflects RTA’s capability to obtain the highest quality standards in achieving top quality standards in maintaining assets on the long run, and ensuring optimal asset utilization in the long run.

Abdullah Ali Al Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, said, “RTA’s success in making this breaking global achievement originates from adopting global quality standards in several fields, in addition to having in place long-term objectives to maintain assets for future generations, besides utilizing them optimally as per the highest international standards; which enabled the UAE to achieve high ranking in infrastructure quality. This is clearly evidenced by the recovery of the local economy, people’s happiness and the success of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular in winning the bid to host Expo 2020.”

He added, “Over the past few years, the RTA spent huge amounts of its budgets in acquiring different assets and properties such as roads, tunnels and bridges network, as well as metro systems, buses, taxis and marine transit modes, among others in the Dubai emirate. The civic body is keen to ensure that these assets are distinctive not only at the UAE level but also all over the world. RTA’s top management, headed by H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, and backed by the directives of Dubai prudent government, has opted to work diligently to implement the best standards, regulations and practices of the industry. Appropriate plans have been developed to build an integrated system to manage and preserve this huge assets portfolio for the future, given that Dubai has extensive futuristic economic plans and large-scale projects highlighted by hosting the World Expo 2020, which makes it imperative for everyone to take care of these assets properly to ensure sustainability.”

“Previously we adopted the PASS 55 system of the British Standards Institutes in order to ensure that RTA’s assets are based on scientific principles safeguarding assets sustainability on the long run. But since development knows no limits, it was imperative for us to keep pace with the developments in this field through communicating with industry experts worldwide, and attending relevant international conferences including the international conference which was held in the UK in May 2013 which witnessed an announcement about the impending release of the new ISO standard 55001. However, we were prepared to comply with the new standard as the comprehensive work plan set up by a highly competent and efficient RTA work team four months before the announcement, contributed to raising the performance level of assets, and upgrading work procedures to keep up with the latest standard,” added Al Madani.

Omar Al Deesi, Director of RTA Assets, said, “Applying the ISO 55001 is an additional step in support of RTA’s efforts to prop up the development drive, adopt the best systems, and obtain the highest international certifications in all fields. Through continuous efforts, we succeeded in building a solid base for assets & planning their sustainability, and developing plans for their optimal utilization, increased productivity and reduced operation costs. This has contributed to boosting the satisfaction of customers who are the backbone of achieving our objectives. The operational departments of the RTA play a pivotal role through lending all forms of suitable support for achieving the highest deliverables and delivering high-class services to customers.”

Highlighting the features of the modern asset management system along with the differences between the system and Pass 55 system, Al Deesi, said, “ISO 55001 focuses on the importance of implementing various administrative aspects of the asset management system, rendering it more comprehensive than PASS 55; which focuses on the technical aspects of the asset management process.”

He reiterated that during this year the RTA will seek to implement several plans on phases including working on updating relevant data, providing support from Asset Management Department to operational agencies in order to raise the efficiency of their asset management, and submitting periodic reports about the performance of assets at RTA level.

We will spare no efforts to launch all initiatives aimed at uplifting the efficiency of assets which we manage, and accordingly ensure the delivery of best-in-class services for RTA clientele at all levels in order to provide safe and smooth transport for all.

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