RTA launches campaign to raise awareness of registering trailers, semi-trailers

April 9, 2014 11:48 am

The Monitoring & Enforcement Department, Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently carried out an awareness campaign targeting transportation companies in Dubai to familiarize them with the registration of trailers and semi-trailers with a view to identifying the most frequent offences and sorting them out, which will accordingly diffuse the traffic safety and minimize road accidents.

Sultan Al Kutbi, Director of Monitoring & Enforcement, RTA Licensing Agency, said: “Launching this campaign fits well with RTA’s vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All, and echoes the endeavours of the Agency to continuously stage campaigns targeting all transportation companies in Dubai to educate them on the appropriate ways of registering trailers and semi-trailers with the aim of raising their awareness and diffusing the traffic safety culture.”

“We have visited about 85 transportation companies in Dubai where it was revealed that 176 trailers/semi-trailers had not registered. We have therefore directed and obligated them to register these vehicles as soon as possible to avoid offences in future. Lack of registration is a source of several risks such as traffic accidents resulting in damage to lives and properties. Controls have therefore been put in place to protect all concerned parties through obligating operators to have their trailers and semi-trailers tested in order to ensure their road-worthiness,” said Al Kutbi.

“The numbers of various types of trailers and semi-trailers in the UAE have increased exponentially; which makes us responsible for working towards protecting them and verifying their ownership through a continuous technical testing regime, and registering them to ensure their safe movement on roads in collaboration with the concerned bodies in the Emirate of Dubai,” added the Director of Monitoring & Enforcement.