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S3 to launch Qatar’s first-ever zero-gravity flights in 2015

August 20, 2014 2:50 am

Swiss Space Systems (S3) announced Qatar’s first-ever zero-gravity flights for civilians are scheduled to take place in April 2015, as part of ZeroG “Space for All” project, being organised in over 15 locations around the world, Gulf Times reported. Participants from Qatar will board a modified Airbus for around two hours, with each flight including 15 “parabolas” or free floats lasting between 20 and 25 seconds, providing a chance to experience total weightlessness by floating as if in space. The dates allotted for Qatar, according to the website are April 23-25, 2015. S3 states that these flights are quite safe. “The main space agencies (Nasa, ESA, Roscosmos and JAXA) have been operating them for several decades, and our aircraft is certified for parabolic flights and more precise than other platforms presently available,” the company says.