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Suez Canal Container Terminal marks Orphans’ Day in Port Said

April 7, 2014 9:54 am

As part of its activities in the Port Said community, the Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT) held a community-based celebration to mark Orphan’s Day. The terminal and its staff held a day of fun for the orphans in Port Said as part of its efforts to create a sense of family and community for the youngest members of the community.

The day, which consisted mostly of activities designed to give joy to these children such as puppet shows and face painting, has become a tradition for SCCT and its staff to help provide orphans with a sense of community.

Mr. Klaus Holm Laursen, managing director of the Suez Canal Container Terminal, along with other members of the terminal’s management and staff were present at the event.

“Marking Orphans’ Day has become a tradition for us at SCCT because it gives all of us a chance to give the youngest members of our community a sense of family,” says Mr. Klaus Holm Laursen, managing director of the Suez Canal Container Terminal. “It serves to remind all of us that we have an obligation to these children and it allows us to ensure that the whole community rallies around these children.”

This is the second year that SCCT has marked the day as one of the many community support activities that the terminal engages in. As a member of the community, SCCT has always believed that it has an essential role to play in the development of the community as part of its effort to give back to Port Said. In November of 2013, SCCT has sponsored five elementary school, seven middle schools and one high school by providing them with much needed furniture. In total, SCCT provided 1,000 new desks, 1,200 chairs and 200 tables to make sure the children are comfortable in school so they can focus on their education. Also in March of this year, SCCT also donated a computer lab to Al Bukhari Association in Port Fouad.

“We have always believed that part of our role is to provide support for our community. With that in mind, we have identified education and health care as areas where our support is most needed and can make the biggest difference,” says Klaus Holm Laursen.

He added that SCCT believes that supporting these projects will benefit the community as a whole and, in turn Egypt, which is ultimately part of the terminal’s role in its endeavor to help define Egypt’s future every day.


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