‘Supply Chain Transformations 2014’ – Frost & Sullivan presents an exclusive strategy workshop for the logistics sector

June 10, 2014 9:45 am

The Logistics Sector has an exciting event to look forward to this year, as Frost & Sullivan gears up to host its 5th Annual Exclusive Logistics Strategy Workshop titled ‘Supply Chain Transformations 2014’ from August 22-23, 2014, at the Golden Palms Resort, Bengaluru, India. This two-day event is an ideal entry gateway for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) to meet end-users and decision makers of logistics companies in India. The event will give an opportunity to LSPs to understand the prospects in India’s international trade and emerging industries along with a platform to network closely with the logistics heads from target customer companies in major industries like- Auto Components, Automotive, Electronics and Communications, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Retail and FMCG.

The workshop will comprise specific theme-based group activities and brainstorming sessions among LSPs, logistics end users, and other stakeholders of logistics sector for:

Tapping Growth Opportunities and Addressing Logistics Challenges from India’s Preferential/Free Trade Agreements
Tapping Growth Opportunities and Addressing Logistics Challenges from India’s Emerging Industry Sectors
Urban Vs Rural Logistics Markets in India – understanding their Diverse Needs, Opportunities, and Challenges

Key Benefits of Participating in the Workshop

LSPs can understand the growth opportunities and logistics challenges from India’s preferential/ free trade agreements and emerging industry sectors within the country, and showcase their capabilities to aid logistics users in those aspects.
Logistics decision makers from user organizations get an opportunity to ideate and validate along with peers and thereby determine the appropriate strategies to tap opportunities and address challenges from India’s preferential/free trade agreements, and emerging industry sectors within the country.
Both LSPs and logistics users can deliberate to understand the diverse needs of urban and rural logistics markets in the country and determine appropriate mutually fruitful strategies to tap opportunities and address challenges.

Srinath Manda, Program Manager, Transportation & Logistics Practice said, “Middle East region’s share in Indian imports (by value) increased five-fold in the past 10 years – from 6 per cent in 2003 to 31 percent in 2013. Similarly the region’s share in India’s exports (by value) increased from 15 percent in 2003 to 22 percent in 2013. This implies that logistics service providers serving trade in this corridor have significant growth opportunities. Logistics service providers in the Middle East that are targeting to tap these opportunities would be highly benefited by participating in this logistics workshop since they can understand the trade trends, key origin-destination geographies in their region for India’s trade, major products traded and logistics services expected for those products. In addition, any logistics service providers from Middle East that are trying to enter domestic logistics services market in India can also gain understanding of opportunities in urban and rural logistics and emerging industries in the country.”

The focus of this workshop would be on delivering action items for each stakeholder segment of the logistics sector for tapping the opportunities and addressing challenges from India’s trade and emerging industry sectors, defined through a combined effort of all involved. The workshop will also include a session for familiarizing private equity and the institutional investor community’s expectations and experience of association with the logistics sector.

“India’s preferential/free trade agreements with various nations or regional economic groups offer significant growth opportunities for the country’s manufacturing companies and logistics service providers. Similarly emerging industry sectors in the country such as E-tailing, Hospitality, and Building and Construction among others, offer significant growth opportunities for the country’s manufacturing and LSPs. However, understanding the operational dynamics and logistics needs relevant to these target geographies or industry sectors is a primary requisite to tap such opportunities”, Manda added.

Some of the registered logistics end-user industry delegates include:

Mr. S.G. Rao – Head SCM, Novartis India; Mr. Sundar Narasimhan – VP Supply Chain, Neuland Laboratories; Mr. Manish Soin – Head SCM, Bayer Diagnostics India Ltd; Mr. Krishna Kumar – VP SCM, Mom and Me Retail; Mr. Kiran R Narayan – Head Global Supply Chain, Opto Circuits (I) Limited; Nilesh Shetye – AVP Supply Chain, Reliance Retail; Mr. Venkateswaran Anand – Sr. General Manager Sales Logistics, Hyundai Motors India; Mr. Murali Thirugnanam – Head Logistics, Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd; Mr. Suhas Hosmane – Head Logistics, Motorola; Mr. Subbiah Somasundaram – Country Head Logistics, Honeywell Automation; Mr. Pratik Attray – Head SCM, Federal Mogul; Mr. Arindam Sen – Head SCM, NRB Bearings; Mr. Kiran Rakhe – Sr.General Manager SCM & Logistics, Mahindra Navistar.

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