Toyota’s ‘Get Going Challenge’ to provide $1m in supporting dreams of 9 lucky individuals

April 21, 2014 10:23 am

If you have a dream in life, then it’s time to share it with the world for the chance to achieve your dreams with the help of Toyota. For 9 lucky individuals, Toyota will be arranging places and opportunities to put them on the road to achieving their dreams with a unique global initiative called the ‘Get Going Challenge’ through which Toyota will be offering $1m towards transforming the lives of 9 select individuals. The only requirement to participate: Be serious about your dream!

This global initiative which will run till the end of 2014 also gives aspiring individuals in the Middle East a great opportunity to follow their passion and change their lives forever. This is a unique opportunity for any individual and all they need to do is follow the process outlined on the website (

Entries are being driven through the dedicated website and through the Facebook page (, promotional videos and online banners so that individuals can share their passion and dreams with the world. Once they are selected, Toyota will arrange places and opportunities for them to fulfill their dreams. Throughout the year, the Get Going Challenge will select people from around the world to support their dreams.

“Since its inception, Toyota has always believed in supporting the communities that it operates in. Be it through our environmental initiatives or projects such as the ‘Get Going Challenge’, we are always looking for new and innovative opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people. With this unique initiative, we want to empower individuals across the region that are very passionate about their goals in life and help them fulfil their ambitions. We are very excited to hear about their stories and look forward to contributing to their success,” said Nobuyuki Negishi, Chief Representative of Middle East & North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation.

Whether it is getting support from a famous coach or the chance to study overseas, Toyota will arrange opportunities for people to achieve their dreams. All people need to do is to get going and show their passion by posting their dreams on the Get Going Challenge website. The introduction movie communicates the Get Going Challenge concept and asks “Now, what’s your dream. (Introduction Movie:

The selection phase involves three stages, namely Post, Screening and Support.

To enter the ‘Post’ phase of the challenge, participants are required to fill out an online form, providing details about their dream, their plans to make their dreams come true, what support they need to help achieve their dreams, what they are doing for achieving their dream etc. Giving more details will help improve the chances of being selected eventually as one of the 9 lucky individuals. Each new entry is added to the growing list of posts on the dedicated website, to allow online viewers to vote for a dream they would like to promote.

During the ‘Screening’ phase, the Get Going Challenge Office reviews the applications based upon fairness and accuracy, strength of the idea in the applicant’s dream and clarity of the vision leading up to realization, as well as the number of votes received from online visitors. In the ‘Support’ stage, Toyota will arrange places and set up relevant opportunities to help the nine challengers achieve their dreams.

Li Ke, a 23-year old aspiring model from China, has already secured her spot as the first challenger of the ‘Get Going Challenge’, after successfully impressing the jury with her application, followed by her audition and the pre-screening interview.

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