The XL1 is now on display at the Volkswagen showroom in Azaiba, Oman

April 7, 2014 11:55 am

The world’s most advanced car, in terms of efficient technology, has arrived for an exclusive visit to Oman. The revolutionary XL1 model, which began as a Volkswagen vision in 2002, has now become a reality. Volkswagen is building only 250 XL1 vehicles and will go on display to the public at the Volkswagen Showroom in Azaiba for the next couple of days.

Andrew Squires, General Manager, Volkswagen Oman, said: “The Volkswagen vision was to produce a car that was practical for everyday use yet offered exceptionally low fuel consumption. The new XL1 is currently the most fuel efficient achieving 0.9 litre per 100 km and eco-friendly automobile in the world yet retains the element of driving fun which is key to our brand.”

“Ecological sustainability is a major corporate objective at Volkswagen and the brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of automotive efficiency. This vehicle could be built because the limits of what is feasible, both in terms of the technologies utilised and the manufacturing method, were redefined. Volkswagen is implementing the most innovative systems and materials that offer the highest efficiency possible today. As it stands, the XL1 offers a vision into the future where automobiles both preserve and compliment the natural beauty of our country.”

Thanks to its plug-in hybrid system, the two-seater XL1 can also be driven for up to 50 kilometres locally in pure electric mode, meaning zero emissions at the point of use. The XL1 is an automotive hero that follows pure sports car design principles: low weight (795 kg), perfect aerodynamics (Cd 0.189) and a low centre of gravity (1,153 mm high). This gives the efficient Volkswagen model the ability to cruise on the road at a constant speed of 100 km/h using just 6.2 kW / 8.4 PS. The XL1 holds 10 litres of fuel and a battery capacity of 5.5 kWh enabling 500 km of total range.

The XL1 is ‘handcrafted’ as a small series production car at Volkswagen’s Osnabrück factory in Germany. For the required combination of lightness and strength, its body is made largely of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer. The finished XL1, with its scissor-opening wing doors, looks like a vision of the future and will no doubt make a spectacular appearance on the road – a car of the future, built for today.

The XL1 model will be on display at the Volkswagen Oman showroom in Azaiba for the next couple of days.

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