Yutong bus makes its debut in Oman

March 4, 2014 4:44 pm

Premier automotive distributor Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan & Co LLC has announced the addition of an exciting new brand to its portfolio – Yutong, an impressive-looking coach by China’s largest and leading bus manufacturer Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd.
At a ceremony held at the InterContinental Hotel Muscat, Yutong luxury bus model ZK6122H was unveiled to a select gathering that included officials from the Chinese Embassy, high level executives from Yutong and Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan & Co. and select distinguished guests who were invited to catch the first glimpse of the luxury coach.

“We are delighted to tie up with China’s leading bus-maker to promote the popular Yutong in Oman. We envisage a promising market for this brand in the Sultanate, particularly in the tourism and high-end corporate transportation service sectors,” said Virendra Agarwal CEO, Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan & Co LLC.

“Yutong buses are ideal for the carriage of passengers between cities in Oman or to destinations further afield in the GCC as well. They can also be suitably upgraded to make them PDO compliant, thereby meeting the specifications for the use of such vehicles at PDO sites,” he added.

Yutong is the leader in China’s bus industry owning the world’s largest manufacturing base of large and medium-sized buses, covering two plants of 1.13 and 1.33 million sq m with a daily capacity of over 310 unit buses. Its sales volume outstrips not only the Chinese counterparts with a commanding lead but also ranks first worldwide. Yutong is authenticated with ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system – one of the most stringent standards in the bus segment of automotive industry, becoming the only one in China’s bus industry to get the certificate.

In order to maintain a competitive edge of the products, Yutong has invested heavily in research and development. In 2008, the only scientific research institute around world that specially focuses on experimental study of buses was set up to provide accurate test data for the research and development of buses thus effectively ensuring the quality stability of products.

Yutong has established a complete 5m-25m product line up consisting of ordinary, medium-level and high-level products, covering various segment markets including highway passenger transit, tourism, public transport and so on, to become a leading brand in China’s bus industry.

Yutong currently exports to over 110 countries and regions – such as Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Macao and so on. Yutong has got WVTA certificate of EU and has started to enter the European market. Yutong buses have been delivered to France, Norway, Israel and Macedonia to name a few and successfully entered the American market in 2012.

Yutong’s strong after sales are complemented with a strong backup of warehouses and after-sales centres. Besides the general warehouse in Zhengzhou of China, Yutong has set up overseas spare parts warehouses that include Dubai, Cuba and Ghana in addition to nine spare parts consignment warehouses in Romania, Thailand, Syria, Slovakia, Philippines and Macao.

From 2006 to now, Yutong has already exported more than 2000 buses to 10 countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Syria, Qatar and Jordan. Yutong’s products have already passed the GCC certification covering all the market segments such as public transport bus, long-distance bus, tourism coach and coach for organisations.

YUTONG focuses on improving the quality of its products, ensures timely spare parts availability for strong after-sales backup which results in highest level of customer satisfaction. Yutong has gained experience by operating their products in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The ZK6122H series are specially designed for the Middle East market. It is equipped with high temperature resistant interior trimming materials, powerful AC and a larger engine – designed to adapt to high temperature and diverse road conditions.

To optimise comfort and convenience, the bus is equipped with air suspension, non-independent roof-mounted AC, SD card player and LED TV screens. The ZK6122H is a product with flexible options to satisfy the demands of varying customers.
45-51 seats, Euro 2 / Euro 3 engine and toilets are optional items; the newly upgraded super large run-through luggage compartment has a volume of up to 12.5 cubic meters. The vehicle can also be customised to fit in a kitchen, luxurious business seats, WIFI etc.

The exclusive dealer for Yutong brand in the Sultanate, Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan & Co will also be looking to incorporate school buses in its portfolio. Compliant with American safety standards, Yutong began its development of special school buses offering a solution to the safety of pupils in early 2005. It went on to become the number one school bus brand in China with the launch of the first ‘long-nose’ front-engine school bus in the industry. Subsequently, it was also involved in drafting of the first compulsory national standards for school buses in China, becoming the pioneer in designing school buses.