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The Zubair Corporation joins hands with Oman Automobile Association for Arab Orphans Day at OAA grounds in Muscat, 4th April

April 7, 2014 9:16 am

As a steadfast supporter of the activities in the community, and to nurture and support citizens from all sectors of society, the Zubair Corporation joined hands with the Oman Automobile Association to celebrate Arab Orphans Day. The support underlines the deep commitment from the corporation to promote various activities in the community such as cultural, social and sports in order to encourage all individuals contribute in the development and progress of the Sultanate. Held on the first Friday of every April, the Arab world celebrates Arab Orphans Day, a day to remember orphans and give them the full attention of society, while highlighting the special challenges faced by children without parents.

A representative from The Zubair Corporation added, “Arab Orphan Day is a social phenomenon which shines light on the unique challenges faced by orphans in our community. Therefore, our support for the Omani Automobile Association for the Arab Orphan Day event serves as a perfect opportunity to help further integrate orphaned children in our society, and help them gain a greater confidence in their ability and standing in society.”

To celebrate Arab Orphans Day in the Sultanate, the Oman Automobile Association is conducting a special event on its grounds in Muscat on Friday 4th of April, and is inviting member of the public to come and join with the celebrations. Held from 9am to 5pm, a variety of unique automobiles will be on display as well exciting driver demonstrations and special rides for the children.

Previewing the day-long event to be held at the OAA Grounds in Muscat , Mr. Sulieman Al Rawahi, the Chairman of the Omani Automobile Association, noted, “The Oman Automobile Association celebrates Arab Orphan Day to demonstrate our solidarity with the special challenges faced by orphans in our society, and indeed the importance of mutual support and cooperation between all segments and sectors of society. The Arab Orphan Day event at the OAA grounds is a great opportunity for people to come together to recognize this special day, and we’ll be providing lots of exciting activities for the children and adults as well.”

He added, “I would like to thank The Zubair Corporation for its generous support on this special day. Their commitment reflects the keen participation of the Corporation to join hands with Omani associations to support and promote activities in our community, as well as positively supporting the next generation to build the future capabilities of the Sultanate.”

The Zubair Corporation has a long and proud history of providing support to initiatives which benefit the community and as well as nurturing the next generation of talented young Omanis.


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