The Zubair Corporation supports young Omani

April 6, 2014 4:52 pm

In line with their constant endeavor to nurture and support talented young Omanis, The Zubair Corporation has joined hands with the inspired Sarah Al Nasari to enable her to bring her creativity to life.

The support provided by the Corporation for this exceptional young Omani is yet another example of their commitment to elevate the next generation of Omani entrepreneurs, artists and leaders.

By investing in their potential as well as providing support in the way of business mentorship and networking opportunities, the Corporation works to create conditions allowing talented young Omanis to positively contribute to the future economic and social development of the Sultanate.

Sarah Al Nasari is credited with the creation of a unique and innovative wheelchair which is designed for people with special mobility needs. Currently in the prototype phase, the newly designed wheelchair provides users with a greater degree of flexibility when compared to traditional wheelchair designs, and offers added functional benefits such as light weight and portability.

Commenting on the support provided to Sarah Al Nasari, Mr. Said Al Sahib, Assistant General Manager of Business Development Division from The Zubair Corporation, noted: “The support of talented young Omanis remains a high priority for the Corporation. This support comes within The Zubair Corporation’s strategy of enabling and empowering young people to build the future, and provides the means available to them to invest their talents and bring their aspirations to life.”

Sarah Al Nasari, ecstatic at having received support from the Corporation added, “I am really happy to be supported by The Zubair Corporation in order to materialize my vision to provide increased mobility for differently-abled people. We, as youth are in need of such moral and material support so that we can demonstrate to the community that we have new and fresh ideas.”

The Zubair Corporation has a long and proud history of providing support to talented young Omanis in various fields and disciplines, in addition to the direct support given to entrepreneurs and small business owners through the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC), its specialised centre dedicated to supporting aspiring Omani entrepreneurs and small enterprises in the Sultanate.


Malcolm X Crasta
Account Manager
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