Over 2.8 million tourists visited Abu Dhabi in 2013

February 12, 2014 6:52 am

More than 2.8 million tourists visited Abu Dhabi in 2013, beating a previous expectations about a maximum 2.5 million, according to an expert.

Salik Manjrio, sales and marketing director at the Saadiyat-based Park Hyatt Hotel and Resort Abu Dhabi, said he expected a further growth of around 15 per cent this year, mainly in business and conference tourism.

“Abu Dhabi has become a major tourism attraction destination thanks to the numerous facilities in the emirate and the construction of advanced tourism projects such as the Waterworld and Ferrari World,” he said.

“Abu Dhabi has succeeded in becoming one of the most important venues for business and global events and this is attracting more and more visitors and tourists….Saadiyat Island has also become a major tourism destination given its location, advanced hotel infrastructure and wonderful beaches.”

He said Hyatt Park, owned by the Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co, has become a favorite destination for many tourists seeking luxury, high level services, relaxation and entertainment, adding that the hotel is only around 15 minutes from the town centre.

He noted that Hyatt Park comprises 306 rooms, suites and villas providing all kinds of facilities and services and catering for the needs of both individuals and families.

He expected the hotel to achieve a high occupancy rate of more than 75 per cent this year while conferences and other events to be held at the hotel will also rise by nearly 15 per cent in line with the upsurge in activities in the emirate.

Mr Manjrio said Etihad Airways is playing a key role in promoting tourism in the emirate through its flight network of nearly 90 destinations worldwide.