Amadeus Gulf showcases comprehensive business management solution for non-IATA agencies

June 11, 2014 1:32 pm

Amadeus Gulf, the commercial division responsible for the sectors of Oman, Bahrain and the UAE, recently showcased Amadeus’ Business Management Platform (BMP) solutions to travel professionals outside the IATA ambit. BMP is the most innovative web-based platform specifically designed for travel professionals to enhance the automation capabilities and efficiency of their businesses.

Two presentations were made. One at an event held in Abu Dhabi in early April and another recently in Al Ain on 12 May.

Graham Nichols, Managing Director, Amadeus Gulf, welcomed the audience comprising representatives of more than 50 small, medium and large travel agencies that have implemented the Amadeus BMP solutions, and presented an overview of Amadeus’ business functions. “At Amadeus, we are constantly working to ease processes through offering cutting-edge solutions to various industry partners. Our latest solutions are meant to enhance meaningful collaborations that in turn helps us achieve our ambition of emerging as industry frontrunners in shaping the future of travel,” said Nichols.

Amadeus’ Remote Ticketing platform within BMP provides both ‘consolidators’ (owners of ticketing offices at IATA locations) and ‘subagents’ (sales outlets/booking offices at non-IATA locations) with a set of business management and operational tools that ease up operations through eliminating the traditional time-consuming, multi-step workflow.

Arman Sarang, Head of Products and Marketing, highlighted the benefits of Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS), a core component of Amadeus’ BMP that allows travel agencies to streamline this whole consolidation business model.

Jauhar Abdul Gafoor – Sales Director – Abu Dhabi and Al Ain has played an active role in bringing non-IATA agencies and consolidators under one roof to demonstrate the benefits of RTS as a fully automated, comprehensive tool that helps manage pricing, as well as comparison and ticketing at remote points of sale.

The RTS allows consolidators to sell through their own outlets as well as across external sales platforms regardless of the time and place. It also allows subagents to issue, cancel, refund or re-issue electronic tickets and other Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD) as they instantly appear in the Consolidator IATA BSP report.

In addition to RTS, consolidators and agents can benefit from Amadeus’ value add-ons including Amadeus Remote Pricer and Amadeus Multi Pricer. Amadeus Remote Pricer enables remote access to fares in the partner’s Office IDs (OIDs) through Ticketing Robot, allowing subagents to calculate ticket prices, create Transitional Stored Ticket (TST), and check fare rules available in the partner’s office.

Amadeus Multi Pricer enables remote access to the partner’s OIDs by means of Ticketing Robot with the purpose of calculating and comparing fares prior to ticketing. This solution allows consolidated partners to share mutual access to the fares in their OIDs to find the most suitable offer.

Amadeus’ Business Management Solution has been widely welcomed by travel industry partners as a resourceful tool for enhancing overall efficiencies.

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