CEO of Paramount Hotels and Resorts praise the ‘Dubai Expo 2020’

March 4, 2014 4:51 pm

Mr. Thomas van Vliet , CEO of Paramount Hotels and Resorts in Dubai PHR LLC-FZ, said that hosting the Expo 2020 in Dubai will create more investment opportunities and growth in the tourism sector in Dubai and the UAE in general.

He mentioned that the company began to implement plans for expansion in the establishment of hotels and resorts in Dubai to meet the great demand for high-end hotel units, pointing out that Paramount will play a role in the development of hotel and hospitality sector within Dubai due to its keenness on consolidating its presence in the region.

He said that Paramount recently signed contracts to set up Damac Towers by Paramount Hotels and Resorts in Dubai, which includes a 771 rooms luxury hotel, in addition to three other residential Towers with 1080 rooms managed by DamacMaison,which is considered the hospitality management in DAMAC Properties.

He said that this hotel is connected with the services of an upscale towers and swimming pools, restaurants and cafes nearby to provide the best services for its guests, as well as the fitness center and the playgrounds, not forgetting being minutes away from BurjKhalifa,which is considered an upscale center in the UAE and the world. “It is expected that this property would open by end of-2016,” van Vliet added.

He said that work is undergoing regarding anotherproperty the Paramount Hotel JumeirahWaterfront Dubai, which will be located at the waterfront of Maritime City.The Paramount Hotel JumeirahWaterfront Dubai includes 276 upscale hotel rooms and a variety of the best hotel services,pointing out that this project will beone of the regionsmost attractive destinations and an addition to the luxury tourism in Dubai.

He also pointed to the newest projects in Dubai, the Damac VillasBy Paramount Hotels & Resorts, which consist of 163 luxury villasand will be located withinthe AKOYA development.

He also noted that the company plans to expand in Abu Dhabi and Doha, and plans to open DAMAC Tower by Paramount Hotels & Resorts in Riyadh by 2015 in Saudi Arabia. “This project is in the heart of Riyadh and will reflect the glamour life of Hollywood and the life style of California. It will include a spa and Specialty dining restaurants and five-star hotelservices, investors can also rent their units that are operated by DamacMaison, in order to make a notable profit.”

The project is located in a strategic area in the heart of the Saudi capital on King Fahd Road, overlooking the Kingdom Tower,the property comprises of 215 studio apartments and other one, two and three residential rooms in addition to a flat located at the rooftop with an area of ??932 square meters. The property will be managed by DamacMaisonRiyadh, a subsidiary of DAMAC Properties and will include fully equipped kitchens, as well as services that also include valet parking and housekeeping, in-room beauty treatments and a kids club.

Van Vliet mentioned that the tourism industry in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Muscat is very promising and bodes further investment opportunities.

He said the company has signed several contracts for the establishment of resorts and hotels in a number of Asian countries, notably in Hainan Island in the Chinese city Boao and includes 508 luxury suites

Van Vliet said “We will continue to expand hotels in Dubai due to the tremendous growth of tourism with an average occupancy rates that reached to 87.6 % last year, which is considered high, making Dubai one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world.

He hinted that the picture is very positive for tourism investments in Dubai, where demand is growing rapidly and this confirms that Dubai has become a global destination for tourism throughout the year and therefore Paramount Hotels & Resorts has to provide more hotel rooms in the emirate.

He added that the explosive growth in visitor numbers to Dubai International Airport, makes it the first airport in the world in terms of the number of arrivals and transits, and that Emirates are considered the world’s top airlines.

He predicted that Al-Maktoum International Airport will double the rates of travel and tourism, which requires us to expand in the construction of more hotels and resorts.

“Millions of visitors will be coming back again and again to Dubai for more shopping, tourism, and participate in various activities, and this is the green light for the development of the tourism sector in Dubai,” He added

In response to a question about his expectations for the company’s projects after Dubai won to host Expo 2020, he said “The exhibition is an international global event and that creates growth and increases demand for the units and hotel rooms without a doubt”.

He said that mega projects have started in Dubai to prepare for the opening of the Expo 2020, which has attracted about 60 million visitors from all over the world and Paramount Hotels & Resorts signed three contracts in Dubai with Damac.

And about the company’s ability to face competition,he said “Strong competition exists and we are not alone in the market as there are many companies , but we strive to provide the best services and joinedthe prestigious hotel network ‘Preferred Hotels and Resorts’ which includes around 800 hotels around the world with over 120,000 rooms.”

“Paramount Hotels & Resorts offer the most luxurious hospitality services for visitors and a special blend between luxury and art as they come together to lend a charming atmosphere for all visitors and guests,” he said.

Van Vliet added”Our hotel guests will realize the difference upon entry into the reception hall for the first time because of the unique designs and unfamiliar provided services by the hotel’s team”.

Regarding new projects, he said that the company is undergoing discussions at this stage to manage hotels in all of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea.

He added that there is a future plan for the establishment of many hotel projects in India, the Maldives, China, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, Spain and the United States, not forgetting the Caribbean countries and Brazil.

He pointed outthat the groupsigned management deals for six hotels in 2013 and by 2014 the figure will double to 14 hotels and this confirms that the strategic plans of the company are going to successfully keep pace with the growth in the tourism industry in the UAE, the region and the world.