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Citymax Hotels rolls out annual CSR activity plan; Citymaximum

April 13, 2014 12:53 pm

The new strategic CSR plan from Citymax Hotels, titled Citymaximum, is strongly focused on local environmental responsibility and the health of its employees.

The ambitious annual CSR plan, being rolled out this month, has been divided into three sections; a beach cleaning drive, an adopt-a-community initiative and a healthy living campaign for Citymax employees.

The beach cleaning drive will take place during the months from April to June, and will include Citymax executives, employees and their families from the three hotels as well as from Citymax Corporate office.

During Ramadan, complimentary Lavazza coffee and water will be offered to taxi drivers arriving at Citymax hotels as well as to passers-by. Dates will also be offered to the public at sun set to break the fast. The local communities around the three hotels in Bur Dubai, Al Barsha and Sharjah will also benefit from a thorough spring clean of the areas.

The healthy living campaign for Citymax employees includes a revitalised canteen menu with nutritious and calorie-conscious meals bursting with salads, vegetables, fish and fruits. In addition, yoga classes are being offering in the corporate office and hotels as well as weekly team walks and jogs in neighbourhood parks.

“Our main asset is our people. We firmly believe that a healthy employee is a happy employee. Creating an in-office wellness campaign is paramount to its success as the majority of our employees’ time is spent at the workplace. This is the reason for creating a healthy canteen menu as well as offering yoga classes in the corporate office and at the hotel gyms during the day. Our emphasis is on more than just promoting healthier lifestyles. We want to bring our employees closer together and create a team spirit between colleagues of all levels. Through activities like yoga classes and team walks, we are already seeing this happen,” said Citymax Hotels COO Russel Sharpe.

Corporate wellness needs passionate, persistent and persuasive leadership in order to succeed. Walter Knight, General Manager Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai has accepted the challenge to lead the healthy living campaign for the Citymax employees with his own personal health improvement.

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