Evason Ma’In Hot Springs installs live streaming camera showing magnificent waterfalls

April 6, 2014 4:56 pm

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan’s eco-friendly luxurious touristic destination, has been recently selected by Jordan Tourism Board to be one of six locations in the Kingdom, having installed camera to broadcast a live streaming show for the hot springs, and to be available online for all tourists worldwide.

With this new feature, that enables all tourists in the world to view top six locations in the kingdom 24/7 online, Jordan is the first and the only in the Middle East to have a live feed on this Earthcam channel, which will be added to normal satellite later on generating more viewership, among all other locations selected in the world.

On this occasion, Mr. Raed Rabie, Evason Ma’In Hot Springs and Six Senses Spa General Manger, stated: “In such a successful attempt to promote Jordan’s tourism in an innovative way, we are pleased that Evason Ma’In Hot Springs was selected by Jordan Tourism Board to be among the six locations in Jordan available online 24/7. Having live earth camera at Evason Ma’In gives local and international tourism a first hand look at one of the wonders of Jordan; the magical and one of kind waterfalls, which have certainly attracted visitors at least 2000 years, ever since Herod the Great used the springs for medical purposes. We are glad to participate in supporting and promoting Jordan’s real treasures by giving tourists the opportunity to view the hot springs putting them at the pinnacle of interests for the international tourist coming to Jordan.”

It is worth noting that there are 64 thermal springs located in the northern part of Wadi Zarqa Ma’in forming Hamamat Ma’in (The hot baths of Ma’in) with 19 million cubic meter (MCM) per annum total discharge to the Dead Sea. Temperatures of the hot springs water in Ma’in range between 30-63?C.


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