Glow in dark painting, Jumeira Rotana’s way to support Earth Hour 2014

March 31, 2014 12:40 pm

To promote Earth Hour, and to show our genuine commitment to helping build a sustainable future Jumeira Rotana in participation with the hotel colleagues will be conducting a “Glow in the Dark Painting” to be held at Boston Bar.

“Jumeira Rotana annually participates to Earth Hour. Last year, we have organized a “Glow in the dark table tennis” which has been joined by outside guests”, Dana Hlavnova, general manager commented.

She continued, “Joining Earth Hour is part of our commitment in structuring a sustainable outlook. All the sustainable initiatives that we are coming up are all designed to raise awareness on how individuals can make a difference and can have a big impact on the environment.”

Jumeira Rotana also supports Earth Hour through showcasing and selling the Earth Hour Packs consists of a reusable Earth Hour branded cotton bag, a bilingual Card Kit telling you everything you need to know to #MakeTheSwitch, from information about the campaign, to the benefits of making the switch, to the specifications you should look for when buying energy efficient light bulbs, an Earth Hour T-shirt and a CFL light bulb which has been placed in the hotel reception and promoted by the receptionist to the in-house guests.

All proceeds from the sale of the Earth Hour Pack will be entirely used to offset the cost of running Earth Hour through online, social and mainstream media as well as coordinating the participation of cities, landmarks, organizations, schools and the wider community. It will also go in support of Earth Hour’s work tackling climate change and reducing the UAE’s Ecological Footprint and to help build a more sustainable future for the country.

There are more sustainability awareness and implementations that has been done and continuously practicing till now. The most recent one is the hotel participation with UAE Green Festival through recycling. Employees were encouraged to create arts and crafts through recycled and scrap materials from newspapers, to magazines, to used Styrofoam plates and cups and more. Final arts and crafts products are now being shown in the hotel lobby.

Additionally, we are continuously implementing sustainable practices all over the hotel such as:

• Waste recycling programme which is now practiced by each and every department of the hotel.

• All external light bulbs around the hotel as well as in the guests rooms have been replaced by energy saving 13 watts cfl lamps

• Old chiller with the reciprocating compressors which takes high current was changed to the energy efficient chillers with screw compressors. A lot of energy is saved through this practice.

• Key entry system cards are placed in all hotel rooms. Electricity automatically shuts down after 60 seconds when guests leave the room.

• Guests are reminded to save water and electricity as well as to reuse its bed sheets and towels through a tent card placed in their rooms.

At exactly 8:30pm all the lights in the public areas will be switched off such as, hotel external lights, basements, restaurants, lobby, poolside and guest corridors. In-house guests will be encouraged to participate through an information sheet about Earth Hours to be sent to their rooms a day before Earth Hour.

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