Innovation & Knowledge Week garners big support from RTA staffs

January 19, 2015 2:55 pm

The Innovation & Knowledge Week held by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) under the theme “Learn to Innovate” was hugely popular amongst employees and visitors alike, given the diverse cast of distinctive events held in line with the government strategies towards bolstering innovation. The Week comprised three key events namely: more than 13 lectures and discussion panels held at RTA Auditorium, an exhibition encompassing more than 10 different pavilions, and more than 13 knowledge-sharing and brain-storming workshops.

Events held showcased a number of Emirati and youth experiments in the field of innovation and invention, prized lectures about corporate competitiveness, work perfection during the Prophet’s era, how knowledge can drive innovation, and the positive thinking in the living and practical aspects of employees among other key topics.

The Innovation of Knowledge Week was kicked off by Al Barza panel session hosting a bunch of Emirati and Arab inventors including the Emirati inventor Ms. Eida Al Muhairbi, who owns more than 90 inventions and innovations, 46 of which are registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and shared with her Jordanian husband Wasfi Al Shidaifat. She narrated her knowledge and innovation journey spotlighting challenges encountered and how they were overcome along with the ethics of the innovative mind. Meanwhile engineer Wasfi Al Shidaifat focused on pan-Arab innovation and its role in saving our capitals from depreciation. Emirati inventor Mohammed Al Shamsi spoke about his experience as well as the decoration bestowed on him by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, among UAE Pioneers. He showcased his achievements in working with robots and the innovative touches he made in this line of industry. Al Shamsi has a Bachelor degree in Engineering Management and a holder of High Diploma. Al Barza panel was hugely popular amongst attendants due to the scientific depth and mental effort featuring models discussed. He held a workshop in which he detailed the latest innovations of robot industry and the event attracted huge participation and response from attendees.

Different Lectures
The event included an array of distinctive lectures where the Bahraini Dr. Mohammed Bu Hajji, who spoke about the importance of innovation in the corporate business and the competitiveness in the knowledge economy, and also reviewed the best innovation and inspirational experiments worldwide. Events also included a lecture by the British expert David Jorten, who spoke about the role of knowledge in boosting innovation along with the importance of sharing knowledge transfer at the corporate level and its role in supporting proper decision-taking. There was also a lecture about how to innovate; which was delivered by Abdul Rida Abu Al Hasan, Director of Rail Planning and Projects at the RTA in which he screened the main techniques of improving job delivery and the importance of creating an apt atmosphere for doing so. Another lecture was delivered by Dr. Ameen Mohammed about the ingredients of excellence in life, and a further lecture was held to cast light on noise and its impact on the environment and the community. The event included a super brain-storming session by Dubai Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT) Group entitled: Innovative Means for Promoting the Use of Public Transport Means.

The accompanying showcase of the Innovation & Knowledge Week attracted huge numbers of visitors due to its diversity and richness. It comprised a host of pavilions namely: Dubai Media Office to promote the new Brand Dubai; Innovation Club to familiarize employees with its activities, features and new designs; Innovations Through Time displaying modern technologies and their evolution; Youth Innovations showcasing innovations of youths of university and school students in the UAE to select the best of them for decoration in the closing ceremony; the Hidden Personality for analyzing the personality of the visitor who will be exposed to 30 questions aimed at identifying the personality which is close to the responder; Innovative Suggestions in a form of a photo gallery of innovative caricatures of innovative ideas, the Young Einstein Pavilion comprising two main components; the first is about child innovations, and the second includes a session with a psychologist to identify areas of strength & skills of each child through drawing & colouring; smart applications pavilion; knowledge platform for driving learning; and quizzes.

Diverse Events
Events of the Innovation & Knowledge Week continues today through the Knowledge Café held by David Jorten including opening new horizons for rolling brain-storming sessions involving a group of employees including the so-called Knowledge Fort triggered by work pressures. There will also be a meeting with Dr. Khalid Al Maneef, an accredited instructor of self-development and promotion, from the British Academy and the Canadian World Center, who will speak about the positive thinking and positive energy considering them the basic principles for nurturing an innovative knowledge environment, self-development techniques, and the importance of focusing on the positive aspects in the practical and personal life of the employee to enhance the job delivery. Another event was run about Innovative Cinema displaying a short movie about the future of modern technologies in the field of transport with the aim of showcasing the latest technologies in this field which command a considerable importance in the life of people, besides other activities about Gitex and Smart Cities and their role in the success of Expo 2020 among others.

Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) events include a session with the American folklorist Janet Eagleman entitled: Take Your Imagination Seriously showcasing her skills in the formation of innovative models using fishing threads harnessing her technical abilities in certain angles to generate a stunning artwork. Then the writer and artist Jamal bin Huwaireb, Managing Director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Establishment, will speak in a gathering about the innovative history of the Dubai Emirate and its openness to various world cultures in addition to a presentation about the Dubai Tram.

On Thursday (the closing day of events) RTA employee talents will be showcased in the presence of the Poet Rashid Sharar, and folklorist Mattar bin Lahej, in addition to an event about sports innovation in a panel session attended by H.E. Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council, and the former distinguished footballer Zuhair Bakheet.

Strategy Exhibited
Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector (organizer of the event), said: “It was our intention to make the events of the Innovation and Knowledge Week stand out and bear dividends for our employees as the concept of innovation and knowledge is no longer a luxury, decoration or just a theme. We were therefore keen on selecting the details of the event to ensure that they include topics and experiments deeply related to knowledge & innovation; which epitomizes RTA’s drive in this field in terms of caring for the innovative skills of its employees.”

Ms. Shaikha Al Jarman, Director of Development and Corporate Performance cum Head of the Work Team tasked by the RTA to cater to the event, said: “The RTA is pioneer in providing a hospitable environment for innovative employees as well as various segments of the community who are celebrated in this event. The corporate practice of the RTA no longer relies on deliverables of the sheer administrative work, rather a large chunk of its objectives is oriented towards identifying talents of its innovative human capital through introducing motivational innovative model events such that innovation and invention will transform into a daily practice and a lifestyle that turns the workplace into an attractive environment capable of uplifting the corporate drive.