IPMagiX expands business in Gulf with appointment of regional office in UAE

September 16, 2014 12:36 pm

UAE is setting the standard of growth in the luxury hospitality sector within the region. With an additional 141 hotel establishments expected to be developed between 2014 and 2016, hoteliers are taking up the challenge to be ready in delivering outstanding guest service through technological innovations in order to enhance in-room experience and communication.

International and regional hospitality groups in the UAE are competing to remain abreast with innovative solutions that would make their properties and services stand out in this highly aggressive market. This is made possible by the use of advanced communications-based technologies which enable effective flow of information and deliver exceptional guest experience in a multilingual manner.

Addressing these needs, IPMagiX introduced customer-driven hospitality tools that do not only enhance day-to-day operations but also improve guest experience. Established in 1998, they are one of the region’s leading solution providers specializing in hospitality IPTV, IP telephony systems, and mobility applications.

Hossam Megahed, CEO to IPMagiX commented, “We are the first Arabic developer dedicated in delivering unified communications solutions that empower Middle Eastern-based hotels to communicate directly to their guests while giving high consideration to the in-room needs and at the same time, reinforcing the hotels’ brand message.”

Setting it apart from the other software solution providers, IPMagiX focuses on business technology. This entails a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business nature in order to employ the most suitable applications to solve challenges and pain points that are being encountered daily. This distinction has resulted to a wide portfolio of successful clients spanning across Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Jordan.

IPMagiX has recently partnered with Dubai-based BizGate Marketing and Consultancies in a bid to provide strengthened support to hotels based in the Gulf countries specifically the UAE. BizGate would be able to provide local assistance to Hotels wanting a better understanding of the available communications solutions with the support of IPMagiX Technical Team based in Egypt.

“We are very glad to be part of this reputed team who are one of the region’s leaders in revolutionizing unified communications applications. As a specialized marketing and consultancy agency focusing on GCC travel and tourism, BizGate has witnessed notable changes in the hospitality industry over the years,” said Mohamad Masri, Founder and Managing Director of BizGate.

“Previously, hospitality groups made use of technology just to develop new streams of revenue while maintaining cost-efficient hotel operations as well as optimizing staffing levels for maximum productivity and return on investment. However, we have witnessed more recently that hoteliers are placing greater importance in boosting the personalized experiences that they offer to the guests. As technology becomes a part of daily living, today’s guests are indeed becoming accustomed to having their travel and leisure needs met with a touch of a button,” Masri added.

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