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National Omani Hospitality Company appoints Pascal Eppink as Managing Director

June 10, 2014 4:17 pm

Pascal Eppink has been appointed as Managing Director for the National Omani Hospitality Company LLC. Following an extensive career overseeing many leading global brand properties including Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Banyan Tree in the Middle East, Asia and the US, Eppink has made the move to Oman where one of his key focus points will be to oversee the development of the recently announced Atana Hotels; Oman’s first local hospitality chain.

Wael Al Lawati, CEO of OMRAN, the holding company of National Omani Hospitality Company LLC commented on the appointment, “We are delighted to be welcoming Pascal to oversee the development of this uniquely Omani brand of destination hotels. His strong background in hospitality asset management, coupled with his regional experience with some of the world’s most successful hospitality operators makes him the perfect choice to lead our development plans.”

He added, “Under the umbrella of the National Omani Hospitality Company LLC, we manage 6 properties in total including two under the Atana brand. With the exciting and ambitious plans we have outlined for a national and regional presence in the next decade, it is vital that we secure the best senior management figures who will be integral to the successful growth of the brands.”

The Atana Hotels brand is set to be a celebration of Oman at its very best, incorporating its rich heritage, diversity of stunning natural landscapes, the warmth of the Omani people and the engagement of the local communities joining hands with Atana Hotels.

Initially, the brand will be established through rebranding exercises of existing hotels, followed by expansion, both organically and through external investment partners. The initial focus will be in Oman, followed by regional expansion.