New ‘’ app launched at Jannah and Andalus properties

August 23, 2014 1:03 pm

Both Jannah and Andalus Hotels & Resorts have recently announced the launch of their newest application’,’ a patented technology that allows guests to interact with all provided services, before, during and after their stay.

Developed by a team of designers, programmers and Milestone point Technologies JLT with a strong involvement by the group’s COO and the operations team, the app uses a unique technology that is compatible with all smartphones and available completely free-of-charge in the respective App Stores.

“This system does not only make the communication for our first class guests simpler but also makes operations much more efficient as the system shows clearly what is pending and what has been done as well as who is available to handle requests. In this way all sorts of requests can be completed quicker and with possible perfection,” explained Ms Caroline Delbecque, Chief Operating Officer at Jannah Hotels & Resorts, who has been heavily involved in the development of the app.

“All guests who make a booking with Jannah Hotels &Resorts or Andalus Hotels & Resorts, will get an e-mail from the app that invites them to download the app and start using it from the moment the reservation is made.”

The App has three interfaces that change depending on the guest’s booking status, such as “Airport Pick-Up” “Express Check In” or “Restaurant Reservations” before the arrival.After checking in to the hotel, guests will be able to requestfirst-hand features, such as “Make up my suite”, “Pick up my laundry”, “Taxi request” etc. all electronically, after check out, the guest can request for new bookings, lost and found items or digital invoices.

According to Delbecque,the app has two types of features – either click on a category e.g. Housekeeping that will connect the guest in a chat with the corresponding department or on a shortcut that will send a message automatically saying please pick up my laundry now – “This message will be sent to the Karim in charge of the suite and the request will be fulfilled without any further calls and once a request has been finished by our team the guest will receive a message saying e.g. Your suite has been cleaned.”

Nevertheless, personal service continues to be a key factor at all Jannah and Andalus properties, will not replace the direct interaction between the Karim Services and the first class guests.

“It is a tool that will simplify communication and allow a seamless balance between work and play to our guests and allows our talents to save time for personal interaction”, she added.